Notes for closed water test of carat tube

After the installation of the kraat pipe, we need to do an essential kraat work to carry out a closed water test to verify the tightness of the whole plastic drain pipe kraat manufacturer, so as to meet the design requirements. ​Then how do we ensure the overall tightness of the pipeline in construction?

HDPE pipe fitting suppliers remind us of the following precautions for pipe installation:

1, installation sequence: to start from the outdoor pipe installation or installation from the pipe head, the price of the carat pipe well → pipe → well order one by one installation.

2. Lubrication treatment: Before installation, the contact part of the pipeline and the well seat should be wiped clean with water or washing semen to ensure that the contact part has a good lubrication effect.

3, tightening tools: if there is a pipe and well seat does not match the case, do not use artificial force to use a special tightening device gradually from the two directions together to force evenly tension.

4, wellbore opening: Meet the need to open in the wellbore, the opening position should be no less than 10 cm higher than the well seat, and to use the shaft specification of the saddle joint connection, do not open on the well seat or open on the plug.

After all the installation is completed, the next essential process we need to carry out is the closed water test to check the sealing performance of the whole pipeline.

Before the test, if the water table is low and there is water in the ditch, we need to wash up the water for observation, and then inject water into the pipe through the wellhead. Pay attention to the water flow is not too large and the impact is very strong. The injection speed should be gradually injected, and after the water head reaches the tail, the injection speed can be strengthened to prevent the phenomenon of incomplete connection in the middle. ​Typically, water injection can be stopped as long as the entire pipe is filled up to the top of the hole block, and the injection test should be closed for at least 3-4 hours.

In the process of water injection, we frequently have a wrong understanding that it is appropriate for water to be injected into the wellbore. In fact, it is unnecessary, because the water flow is mainly in the pipeline. As long as the sealing between the pipeline and the pipeline, the pipeline and the well seat can be guaranteed. If there is a slight leak during the test, it will be solved by adjusting the position of the rubber ring or rotating the pipe under normal circumstances. If the leakage is large, it can not be solved by adjusting the size of the rubber ring or the pipeline, then it needs to be solved by using the thermal shrinkage belt, sealed by heating the thermal shrinkage belt and then fixed with the clamp.

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