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  1. 1981 What is good for chickens to wear on the neck
    1981 What is good for chickens on the neck? In our lives, many girls will wear a lot of necklaces around their necks. It also has something to do with the zodiac. Let's learn about what the chicken is wearing the chicken on the neck.
    1981 What is the chicken on the neck? 1 Emerald
    The neck of the chickens in 1981 is very suitable for wearing emerald. Emerald is a noble and beautiful jewelry. like. The chickens themselves have good temperament and good image, which is very good with the aura of emerald. If wearing emeralds, it will not only enhance their charm, but also bring a lot of good luck to themselves.
    Emerald has the role of recruiting nobles and fortune in feng shui. If chickens in 1981 often wear emeralds, they will make themselves more noble friends, and they will make the road to wealth more smoothly. Essence
    Especially in terms of partial wealth, most people can gain expensive wealth, and even hope to get rich overnight to realize their dreams of wealth. Therefore, for the chickens in 1981, if economic conditions allow it, you can choose to wear emerald, which is very helpful for the improvement of your own fortune.

    Golden necklaces
    The chickens in 1981 are also very good to wear gold necklaces on their necks. Gold has represents wealth since ancient times. It is a symbol of power and status. Essence And gold has a strong collection value. If the chickens in 1981 often wear gold necklaces, it can enhance their aura and wealth, and the whole person will become more confident. Even if you encounter difficulties and troubles, you can calmly cope with it, not anxious or irritable, not panic or chaos, and always maintain a good state. Under the role of golden feng shui, the fortunes of chickens will get better and better, especially in terms of career, most people can achieve well -known achievements and achieve good development.
    Cangzo cattle decoration
    The chickens in 1981 can also hang the zodiac accessories related to cattle at the neck. Because among the zodiac signs, cattle are the three -in -law of chickens. If they often contact the cattle, or wearing zodiac beef accessories, they are very helpful to improve their fortune and development in all aspects. The chickens are relatively irritable and have no patience to do things. They always perform particularly anxious when they encounter difficulties. And Niu Gong and honest, have strong emotional control ability. If you often wear zodiac cows, you can enhance the aura of chickens in the invisible, and it will also make them perform more rationally when facing difficulties. There are wrong decisions and behaviors.
    The chickens in 1981 are also very suitable for wearing yellow crystals. The yellow crystal is a natural gem. If the chickens wear yellow crystals, they are very helpful for their wealth, so that they can get a lot of opportunities to make money. Whether they are wealth or wealth, they will be presented well.
    The yellow crystal is rich in mineral elements, which is very good for the human body. If you wear it frequently, you can relieve irritable emotions and keep chickens a peaceful and stable mentality. As a result, the situation becomes complicated. However, the yellow crystal should be worn frequently, and during the process of wearing, it is not appropriate to be touched by others, otherwise it will affect the effect.
    1981 What is it to wear on the neck of chickens 2 1981 The chickens
    1981 is Xinyi year, so the chicken born this year, the pillar of the eight characters is Xinyi, from numerology, from numerology, In the case of, they belong to the pomegranate life. This is the life of a rich and rich person. As long as you are not particularly proud of, there is no one in your eyes. If you pay more attention to everything, it is always easy to make results. The fortune is very good, and the family is also prosperous. The main thing is particularly good for children. However, from the perspective of the five elements, aquatic wood, Jin Kemu.
    The principle can also be used on the choice of accessories, so if you want to know what the chickens are worn on the neck in 1981, you must first clarify this. Although in everyone's impression, gold and silver jewelry are very expensive and look good to wear, but it is not suitable for chickens in 1981. Because of the gold, the gold here is not just gold, but all metals. It is not suitable for wearing the neck of the chickens.

    What materials should be selected
    So since 1981 is a chicken person is not suitable for metal jewelry, what material should be suitable for? Relatively speaking, gemstones are more suitable for them. According to the principle of aquatic wood, crystals, diamonds and other crystal and transparent materials are good, and water -related materials are good, and they can also look more spiritual and fresh and refined.
    It in 1981, chickens are also suitable for pearls, because pearls were born in water, which is also related to water. Wearing chickens can protect peace, get rid of disease and fitness. If you don't like the above, you can also choose jewelry such as garnet, red jade or agate. Mainly red, because the pomegranate -oriented people, wearing red and purple red jewelry, can play a role in improving luck, especially the most suitable garnet.
    What shape is the specific shape
    We before we already know the water raw wood, so the specific shape of the jewelry can be a traditional Swiss beast. If you are still studying or engaging in academics, you are friends in the scientific research community, and there are some teachers. In short, you can choose Kirin, which can be very helpful for the prosperity of the literary movement.
    If you are a friend of business, you can choose 貔貅. Because 貔貅 not only has the role of amulets, but also allows people to make a wide range of wealth, so as not to have any disasters, like a cornucopia. If you usually have faith, or believe in Buddhism, you can choose Guanyin and Buddha statues.
    In general, the man wearing Guanyin and female wearing a Buddha can also protect the Lord Pingxiang. Everything can be fierce and frightened. If you don't like the above, you can also make a simple water drop shape, or the shape of the waves, or the cute koi, mermaid.
    This elements that are more modern and more popular with young people are also suitable for chickens in 1981 to wear around their necks. It seems that it is more fashionable and not very old -fashioned, but also a blessing role in luck. In the future, money, career will develop well, and emotional problems will not be big.
    1981 What is good for chickens on the neck 3 1. What is the personality of the chicken.
    ers are more and careful. In many major events, they will not take the initiative to fight for their future, but feel that they are good, so they will miss a lot of opportunities; If you encounter difficulties, someone will help them in time; not only that, they are also very pretty. Once they decide to do something, they will not hesitate to try it, whether the ending is good or bad.

    2. What is the fortune of the chicken.
    m's fortunes, no matter when they lack a fire, it is difficult to move forward, but if they do their own fortune, their lives will change a lot. In terms of work, their fortune is not bad. Because of its outstanding ability, it is very important for leadership, but the chance of promoting and salary will never fall on them; wealth is relatively flat, there is no fluctuation; Taohua Yun naturally went up.
    3. What is the chicken wealth on the neck.
    Emerald. The chicken is very suitable for jadeite, because jadeite is not only very aura, but also the fortune in them can also play a role in the fortune of chickens.
    4. Suggestions for people who belong to chickens.
    If wealth will be better than your life, so you must work hard to improve your wealth.

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