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  1. Come to Rizhao, Shandong! Intersection
    Thenitizer is named after Rizhao, located on the shore of the Yellow Sea, and is a beautiful coastal town. The coasts from sixty kilometers from south to north, the main attractions of Rizhao are concentrated here. Rizhao Wanpingkou is the closest seawater bath from Rizhao City, and it is also the second seawater bath. The sand quality of the bath is good, and the facilities are also complete. The disadvantage is that the waves are relatively large in other baths. People with poor water properties are advised to swim on the beach to swim on the beach. Since the city is closest to the urban area, tourists are not just other places, but locals are here to swim in summer. In the tourist season, it is the most crowded seaside bath in the tourist season. "Traveling to the sun, it will come to Wanpingkou", which has become the consensus of tourists from all over the world. The sand bank is 4 kilometers long.

    Wanliankou Scenic Area is an emerging tourist destination on the Gold Coast Line of Rizhao City. It is located in the new urban area with a total area of ​​4.6 square kilometers. The average annual temperature is 12.6 degrees Celsius. The geographical location is superior and the transportation is convenient. The north is in the north, the Rizhao National Forest Park, the Shanhai Sky Tourist Resort, the Botanical Garden of the New Urban Park, the Sakura Garden in the west, and the Hitashi Port in the south. Visitors can take the 1st, 5th, 6th, and coastal tourist cars or travel taxis to the scenic area. "Rizhao scenery is allowed to travel, watching the sea and listening to Tao Wanpingkou." Visitors can pick up a large number of mixed colors and precious fish in the garden and fishing garden in the garden. You can go to the sea and fish. Natural fun. You can also see the sea at sea, visit the sea scenery on the sea, and conduct entertainment projects such as sea bath, beach volleyball, and sea fishing. There is the second largest lagoon in Asia. The superior geographical location, convenient transportation, and pleasant climate are the destinations for Chinese and foreign tourists to leisure, vacation, summer, and healing in summer and foreign tourists.

    The lighthouse on the south side of the Pingkou, which was the first seawater bath in Rizhao, and later stopped. There are many reefs here, and the waves are relatively large. In the scenic area, there is a lighthouse of more than 30 meters high, which was originally used for aviation bids, and now it has also become a sign of the lighthouse scenic area. It may not be special when watching here during the day. Only at night, the lighthouse night view will be appreciated. There are shiny lanterns everywhere, shining with the blue sea, and the luminis is like dreamlike.

    Wanlongkou to walk north to about five kilometers north is the third seawater bath, and it is also a free bath. The beach of this bath is very flat and the swimming safety is very good. The area of ​​the bath is very large, which is very suitable for swimming. The main thing is that this bath is full of folk villages. Visitors can walk to the beach after swimming in the villages of the villages. It is very convenient. On the south of the three baths, there are mountains and sky baths. The two baths are connected. Holding the swimming ring to enjoy the feeling of being rushed by the waves in the sea, it feels very comfortable with the waves. There are a lot of barbecue points on the beach next to the bath. When eating, pay attention to hygiene and freshness to avoid food poisoning.

    The northern end of Rizhao Lunan National Forest Park at the northernmost tip of Rizhao Golden Beach is a toll attraction. The park is divided into seaside and forest areas. The seaside area is the fourth seawater bath. The beach here is very delicate, and the sea is clear. You can pick up the shells on the beach. You can also dig crab or something. If you are tired of playing on the beach, you can go to the forest area to play, bring a suspension to find two trees that are suitable for tie up, lying between the dense forests to watch the lush of the jungle, and feel the rare coolness of the summer. The forest is dense in the garden, the sea is clean, and the beach is flat and fine. It is a blue sky, blue sea, green trees, and golden beaches. It is a first -class natural seaside bath in the north. The park is long in the north and south of the park, with a short east and west, and the north is low in the north. It occupies nearly 7 kilometers on the coastline, the beach is gentle and soft, and the seawater is clear and clean. It is a rare natural seaside bath in northern China. The average width of the beach is 180 meters. Here are fine sand, small waves, clear water, and beach. It is a natural beach sports field and an excellent land to carry out beach sports.

    The sun sun sun exposure is very powerful. Pay attention to wiping sunscreen in swimming, otherwise it may be sunburned. The beach of the bath is generally contracted. It is necessary to charge the use of plug -in umbrellas or tents on the beach. There are charging storage places, bathrooms and locker rooms on the beach. Try to avoid chatting with strangers, pay attention to anti -fraud and anti -theft.

    It, in addition to swimming, eating seafood, then rushing to pick up the sea. When the sea is tide, in the reef piles faded from the sea, some seafood such as shellfish, small fish, shrimp, and small crabs are harvested. The place where Rizhao is suitable for catching the sea is the main island of Taigong, Lijiatai to catch the sea garden and Liujiawan to catch the sea garden.

    The island of Taigong Island is a small reef island. Generally, it will be drowned when the tide is rising, and it will emerge when the tide is falling. The marine creatures on the island are still very rich. Like the stones, there will be many small crabs underneath. The reefs are also covered with various shellfish, Haihong, oyster or something. Sea urchin and starfish are also common seafood on the island. With tools and small buckets, there will always be gains on the island. However, the reefs on Taigong Island are very sharp. Pay attention to falling and scratching. Generally, you need to wear thick -bottomed shoes to go to the island and take a sticker to prevent emergency situations. Taigong Island is a tide island. Do not stay on the island when the tide rises, and hurry back to the shore. When you return to the shore to watch the tide, you will find that the seemingly large island is drowned by the sea a little.

    It Lijiatai's rush to the sea garden is also a free place to catch the sea. Unlike Taigong Island, Lijiatai's rushing to the sea is on the shore. After the ebb, a lot of small fish and shrimp are left in the reef group on the shore. With tools and skills, many tourists have gained well.

    The peach island is more like a attraction island. There are many peach trees planted on the island. The peach blossoms are blooming in the spring of spring, and it tastes a bit of birds. The island is surrounded by rocks, surrounded by seafood breeding areas. The Guanhai Pavilion standing on the island, watching the vastness around, will make people feel "eastward, to watch the sea". Taohua Island is a toll attraction. The area of ​​the island is relatively large. It is also a more famous attraction in Rizhao offshore.

    The Liujiawan rushing to the sea garden belongs to Rizhao Tao Town, which is far away from Rizhao City, about 20 kilometers. From the urban area to Liujiawan to catch the sea garden, it is generally necessary to take a taxi or take the Rizhao to Lan Lan. The coastal buses of the mountain. There is a charge for catching the sea here. In addition to catching the sea, there are also projects in the sea garden, such as folk performances, folk exhibitions, fishing, etc. A new golf course is also built here, of course, the price of the court is also relatively high. In addition to the scenic spots of the Rizhao Beach, there are also more distinctive attractions like Wulian Mountain, Jiuxian Mountain, Fu Laishan, Longmen Scenic Area, and Bamboo Cave. Wulian Mountain is located in Wulian County, Rizhao City. The scenery is beautiful and pleasant. Especially when the rhododendrons are open in spring, Wulian Mountain and Jiuxian Mountain have 10,000 acres of rhododendron gardens, and they are full of redness. The main attractions are the Great Buddha of Wulian Mountain, Guangming Temple, Lotus Peak, etc. Although the area is not as good as those famous mountains and rivers, it is not inferior to the momentum.

    Thishan is located in Jixian County in Rizhao. The main attractions are Jiangbei First Ginkgo Tree, Dinglin Temple and School Economic Building. The most famous of these is Jiangbei's first ginkgo tree. According to legend, it has a history of at least 3,500 years. The trees are tall and leafy. The county has a long history and a splendid culture. The culture and Qi Wenhua and Luboning are also known as the three major cultures of Shandong. Floating Mountain is the birthplace of the culture of Jianli. The three famous springs, including life -saving spring and Wolongquan, are well -known, are unique to at home and abroad. They have high cultural relics research value and tourism attractiveness. Millennium Guya Dinglin Temple, a literary theoretical critic Liu Ye, returned to the Tibetan School of Books in the later years. It has a history of more than 1,500 years and is one of the oldest temples in Shandong Province. Liu Ye's school is a small building on the two floors, and the "School Economic Building" engraved on the door is Mr. Guo Moruo, a historian.

    The Longmen 崮 Scenic Area is located in Sanzhuang Town, Rizhao. It is also a place of mountains and rivers. Because this is the legend of the bald tail old Li, the legendary color here is greater than the value of the attraction. The main attractions couple Stone, conch cave, etc.

    The above -mentioned non -seaside attractions are toll attractions. It is far from the urban area and the traffic is not very convenient. If people do not want to reverse, it is more appropriate for tourists to take a taxi to play. Zhudian is located in the western suburbs of Rizhao Old Town. Tourists can transfer a bus from the city to the long -distance bus station and then transfer to 15 cars. The journey is quite convenient. The scenic area is mainly bamboo, which mainly expresses Jiangnan style and folk characteristics. Bamboo forests often have ethnic minority performances. Friends who like it can go to see it. Tea tasting to appreciate bamboo, the artistic conception is still good.

    . The world's largest world is engraved on the river and mountains. It's rare. However, the development of the river and mountain scenic spots is not enough. Except for these two characters, nothing else is.

    The official ticket price attached to the main attraction: Wanpingkou Scenic Area is free. Lighthouse Scenic Area is free. Olympic Water Park is free. Rizhao third sea bath is free. Shanhai Tianhai Shui bath free. Lijiatai is free to catch the sea garden. Rizhao Luman National Forest Park: 40 yuan. Rizhao Taohua Island Scenic Area: The door price is 30 yuan. Rizhao Taigong Island: 40 yuan. Take a luxury cruise ship to fish for fishing: the fare is 50 yuan. Rizhao Liujiawan catching Haiyuan: The fare is 30 yuan. Rizhao Wulian Mountain: 60 yuan Rizhao Jiuxian Mountain: The fare of 60 yuan Rizhao Zhudong Scenic Area: The fare is 26 yuan Rizhao Longmen 崮 Scenic Area: 20 yuan Rizhao Fu Lai Mountain: 40 yuan.

    In general, there are not many tourist attractions in Rizhao. Most tourists come to the sea and seafood. Rizhao is indeed the most suitable place for leisure tourism. Excellent air quality, wide streets, and hygienic environments are longing for many people. Most tourists also admire and like the environment of Rizhao. Life is so comfortable. Some guests once said to me: Living in your sunshine, life spells have been increased for several years. If you are a tourist who likes attractions is greater than leisure, it is recommended to shorten your journey on the beach.

    The sunflower can not eat seafood. Seafood is the main specialty of Rizhao. Barracuda, shrimp, kiwei shrimp, peel shrimp and various fish are complete. There is no shortage of seafood in Rizhao. The key is how to eat real delicious seafood. Eating seafood must first choose fresh seafood, the best living, of course, the price of live seafood is higher. Some seafood died from the water, and some couldn't support it at all. We need to choose fresh food for such seafood. First look at the freshness of seafood, two smells, three test feelings. The freshness of seafood such as octopus, squid, shrimp, etc. is very good. The fresh seafood will change color. If the belly of the octopus becomes red and black, the hair of the shrimp is not fresh enough. The color of many fish is difficult to distinguish, so if you smell it, if you have a faint smell, it is likely that this fish will not be fresh. Many seafood is soaked in water, basically it will not change color, and color changes are slightly white. It is difficult to distinguish, so try to try. The foamy seafood feels rough, while the fresh seafood feels a bit sticky and stained. In fact, not all fresh seafood cannot be eaten. There is a saying in the sunshine. The saying is "stinky fish and rotten shrimp". Eating fish and shrimp with flavor will not harm to normal people, but the taste is fresh and worse. Frozen seafood is frozen directly for fresh seafood to be good at preservation, and the taste will not be too worse. Eating crabs and shellfish should be much strict, especially crabs, try not to eat to die. Even if there is no odor crab, you must be cautious when you eat it, and you will be poisoned without paying attention to it. The crab tastes delicious, the meat is tender, and the price of female crabs is higher than the male crab. Don't think that there are crab yellow, and many male crabs have crab yellow in autumn. The method of distinguishing the male crab is very simple. Look at the abdomen of the crab. Rizhao is a Lu cuisine system. The taste is relatively salty. When cooking, it is mostly fried and fried. When tourists who are not suitable for Lu cuisine, remember to explain their preferences in advance when ordering, and try to eat their satisfactory taste.

    The accommodation: There are several Samsung four -star and quasi -quasi -four -star hotels, and there is only one five -star hotel. In the peak tourist season, the higher the hotel is closer to the seaside. General tourists come to sunshine more than the beach and tourist attractions.

    . Finally, the precautions for traveling in Rizhao. Pay attention to the safety of swimming must go to a regular bath to swim. People who do not swim using life -saving equipment, such as swimming rings, life jackets, etc. Rizhao has a tourist souvenir wholesale market, mainly selling pearl jewelry, fish bone jewelry, coral and shellfish. Among them, corals and pearls are higher. These things are true and false. Everyone should pay attention to observation when buying. True corals are generally not very uniform. Careful viewing from the horizontal section also has a growth pattern similar to the annual wheel. The fake color is single, usually a marble or organic plastic imitation. The price of pearl jewelry is different, and it is also the most fake jewelry. To buy pearls to distinguish between true and false, you can use two traditional methods to identify. 1. Bite the teeth -the sound of the pearl is crispy, but there will be no depression marks, nor will there be surface layers falling off. There must be traces of the fake bites, and even the surface was bite. 2. Scrape it with a weapon, and touch the scratch after scraping the powder. The pearl can be restored. The price of this thing is very different. Whether you can buy good goods and cheap depends on your personal luck.

    The specialty products are mainly tea and dried seafood. Among them, Rizhao Green Tea is called Jiangbei First Tea. Friends who are interested in tea can bring some. Pay attention to shopping by the seaside. Don't ask what you plan to buy, let alone bargain. For example, barbecue, etc., put the skewers on the stove or pot immediately, you have to get money. With a sense of self -protection, please ignore the conversation of strangers at the bus station and scenic spots. You think that these people don't know you, and it must be a purpose for no reason. Many tourists have misunderstood the words of these people and suffered losses, affecting the mood of playing.

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