1 thought on “Can gold jewelry not sell if there is no invoice?”

  1. Gold jewelry cannot be sold without invoices.
    Golden jewelry does not sell invoices. To sell gold jewelry at the golden shop, you must invoiced. When the store recycle gold jewelry, it is necessary to provide the original purchase invoice and price tag, as well as a copy of his ID card and ID card.
    At the same time, gold shops need to pass strict review procedures. It must be ensured that it is my jewelry to redeem it. After passing the inspection, the invoice and ID card of the seller must be left to complete the sale.
    The importance of the invoice of gold
    Gold invoices are very important. It is not only a voucher for gold maintenance and recycling, but also the core of protecting consumer rights. When buying gold jewelry, the invoice has a detailed explanation of the quality. Once the purchased gold products find that there is a false or quality problem, the invoice is the legal certificate of complaining rights protection. At the same time, invoices are also the legal vouchers of financial revenue and expenditure, the original basis for accounting, and it is also an important basis for the enforcement inspection of audit organs and tax authorities.

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