1 thought on “How can gold be better maintained”

  1. 1. Keep the luster of gold jewelry forever. Apply a thin layer of nail polish on the gold jewelry

    2. Avoid wearing gold jewelry when doing heavy work, especially rings

    3. When swimming, take off the gold jewelry to avoid chemical changes on the surface after touching the seawater or pool water

    4. Gold jewelry must be kept away from chemicals

    5. After wearing, the gold jewelry often loses its luster due to the infection of dirt and dust. At this time, just put the gold jewelry in a neutral detergent, soak it in warm water and clean it, then take it out and wipe it dry

    do not touch pure gold jewelry with high volatile substances such as perfume and hair gel, or it will easily cause gold jewelry to fade

    7. If the gold ring and the platinum ring are worn on the same hand, it is easy to cause the two to rub against each other, making the surface of the gold ring partially rub against the platinum and turn white. As for the white gold jewelry, it can be polished with an agate knife or rubbed with rough cloth (such as canvas) to restore the brightness of the gold

    8. If there is a black silver film on the surface, use 2G of salt, 7g of baking soda, 8g of bleaching powder and 60ml of water to prepare a "gold cleaner". Put the gold jewelry in a bowl and pour the cleaner. After 2 hours, take out the gold jewelry, rinse it with water (preferably not hard water), bury it in wood chips and dry it, and then wipe it with a soft cloth.

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