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  1. According to data on January 10, 2020, the price of gold is 346.6 yuan/gram.
    The price of gold is calculated based on weight, and there are several weighing methods in the precious metal and gem market. The most commonly used is the gold system (TROY), a TROY ounce is about 31.10 grams; and a normal ode is equivalent to 28.35 grams.
    The dollar price per ounce of gold. The rise of gold prices will affect the currency prices of some countries. There are many factors affecting the price of gold, such as: the interest rates of international politics, economic exchange market, major European and American countries, and monetary policy of central banks of the central banks of various countries, the increase and decrease of gold reserves of the country, the increase and decrease of gold mining costs and the increase and decrease of the jewelry, etc. The trend has an impact.

    extension information:
    The influencing factors
    1, the US dollar trend
    is also an important factor affecting the fluctuation of gold price fluctuations. First, there are two main influences of the dollar on the gold market: First, the US dollar is the price currency currency in the international gold market, so it is negatively related to the price of gold. To rise.
    2. Political situations
    Gold in history is the best way to avoid risk aversion. It will promote the price of gold, and sudden events often make gold prices soar sharply in the short term.
    1980 Monthly monthly gold price reached a historical high, $ 850 per ounce, one of the important factors was the turmoil of the world at that time -Iranian hostage incident in November 1979, and the Soviet Union invaded in December 1979. In December, the Soviet Union invaded invasion Afghanistan, so that the price of gold has soared at a rate of $ 30-50 a day.
    3, inflation
    , as the only non -credit currency in this world, gold and banknotes, deposits and other currencies are different. Its value is small.

    Reference Data Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Gold
    Reference Data Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Gold price
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  2. [Nanfeng Financial Network] On December 16, 2010, the latest Zhou Dafu gold price, platinum price, necklace price, diamond ring price and other lists:
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    Nanfeng Financial Network Original: Zhou Dafu gold price, gold bar price, Zhou Dafu gold necklace price, platinum necklace price, platinum necklace price The price, platinum price and Chow Tai Fook diamond ring price are quoted by stores in China, for your reference only. The currency unit of this quotation is "RMB. The store price is subject to!
    Gold market analysis:
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  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, kiss, 101 grams of gold is 38961.76 yuan. Because the price of gold today is 385.76 yuan, and this number is multiplied by 101 is the price of gold. Generally, the price of gold is hovering between 370 and 390, so there is still a certain fluctuation. In addition, gold is also paid attention to as a kind of futures. At the same time, gold and some accessories are also very stable in the chemical stability of gold, which are extremely stable in alkali and various acids. Do not be oxidized in the air or unchanged. It has excellent resistance and chemical corrosion capabilities. Therefore, it is more suitable for decorations, and it is also worth collecting.

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