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  1. It mainly depends on the needs of customers. Customers in need, you can recommend, styles, style, diamonds, jewelry, which belongs to the luxury point according to the characteristics of jewelry, which is compared to gold and silver, this represents status.
    sales skills are a wide range of topics. Sales skills cover, potential development, advantages negotiation, efficient communication, preliminary investigation and other knowledge.
    The enthusiasm for customers, telling him some financial management, gold appreciation space

  2. I am also exploring and studying this, but I can give you some simple opinions, whether it is opened by my own or online sales. I have the right to decide whether I have the right to decide. This is very important. After adding, you can give you some opinions.

  3. How to improve the performance of jewelry sales performance and consult your own quality: Understand your own image and the basic requirements of the company: First of all, you need to be clean and properly dressed. Appropriate makeup can improve your image and self -confidence. Then there is a confident smile. Keep in mind the company's service purpose, and work hard to do it best. For example, the importance of clothing is the importance and unity of clothing. The smile for customers requires friends, not working. The unity of clothing is the display of the company's image, which is the embodiment of the overall appearance of the employee. Individuals should rule out the factors of private preferences. The basic requirements of the company need to understand and execute, and it is not possible to do it. The action is generous and polite, and there are norms in the service industry (an example: the example of the hand in hand gives people feelings, put it in front of the person to get close to people, and put them in the back). Example 3 seconds to customers reflect the time to see what the customer is. Polite language: The first thing that made the first thing after the customer responded to our greetings: such as: what I can help you! Do you want to buy jewelry for yourself or friends? Or the guests do not respond to our greetings. We need to open the deadlock through the inquiry method of the side knock on the side. For example, "Your dress/backpack/hairstyle is really beautiful, I have been looking for it, where are you ..." or "I am me A friend is about the same as your figure/hand size/face shape. Can you help me try to wear the gifts I chose for her ... "If the guest really does not respond to our various greetings, we must give customers a free space, but Pay attention to the distance of about 1.5m ~ 2.0m, that is, the closest distance of the customer Yu Guangwai when he leaned over to see the goods. Keep this distance at all times, so that we can know it in time when customers need it. Use of professional knowledge: Grasp the questions raised by customers, and take a targeted answer. You need to make anti -customers in the answer. The customer's question is not all of them. answer. Pay attention to the advantages and buying points of the product, not the price. Pay attention to the grasp of the degree when introducing professional knowledge. Only the most interested in the guests, the others do not need to be said. Example: Guests like the luster of diamonds. They should introduce the unique diamond luster and its causes of diamonds. Others can not say. When you say you, you must look at the customer's eyes. The speed of speaking should not be fast. Example: The guest asked whether the diamond was produced in South Africa. Answer is that this is not wrong, but if you discuss this topic, you should introduce the relevant knowledge and make the anti -customers from middle school. Grasp the customer's psychology and desire: The product selected by the customer is the center of the goods in his mind. With this as the center, there is a tendency to the price, style, workmanship, etc. Therefore, the introduction should also be targeted and purposeful. Example: When buying a product yourself, the salesperson will introduce you to other special offers or what, and it is likely that you will lose the image of the product in my heart (such as buying a digital machine, but introduce the microwave oven. As a result, I am very likely to buy anything. , But if I buy a digital machine to send a microwave oven, then this digital machine may return to my first choice), so when selling jewelry, you can also adopt a certain sales temptation method, that is, you can only enjoy one ordinary discount for buying this price base. However, when you choose a high price, you can enjoy a lower discount. In this way, the high buying price is relatively cost -effective. Customers can accept the price increase cannot exceed 50%(after discount), and ordinary people are acceptable. In this way, you can pull customers and introduce him to a product that can be the first choice in his heart, and it will also help his sales. These means depending on the authority given to the salesperson and the company's activities at that time. Introduction is an important foundation for successful sales. How to treat consultation: Customer consultation is diverse, it is difficult to ponder his intention, but no matter what, we must take it seriously. This is the prerequisite and impression of accumulating customer resources, which helps the development of individual customers. Example: Buy one lock and ask two hardware shops that only sell water pipes. One of them said that there was no end, and the other said no, but he returned to me to introduce one place, and even went out to help me point the way. Then When I need a water pipe, what is my own shopping trends? On the other hand, the same is true of jewelry. Everyone's counter is different, the company's size is different, and the types of operations are different. The different sales products are different. It is very helpful to treat anyone consistent. Essence This is why many customers return to consumption with salespersons cross -bank consumption. For customers' consultation, we must also seek truth from facts. You must explain all the professional knowledge you know to them in detail to highlight them, highlighting their majors. For those who do not understand, try to help customers solve it and reflect the personal service level. The purpose of the second product display and wearing techniques is to make customers understand the characteristics and quality of the product more clearly, and to promote the desire of customers to buy. So we have to stimulate customers' desires in this link. The method of display: The display is method and skills, not simply take out the goods, but to stimulate customers to pay more attention to the product and focus on their choices through the actions of the salesperson. Example: One is a ordinary display, take the goods directly to the customer by hand, and introduce the characteristics of the product. The other is to prepare a niche tray, then bring white gloves to take out the goods, but not to the customer immediately, but take a closer look at it first (and show your favorite eyes), and then be careful with both hands with both hands. The process did not speak to the customer. After the customer looked at it for 3 seconds, it began to introduce the characteristics of this product, and smiled in the whole process. They are all displaying goods, but the latter tells the preciousness of the jewelry and its beauty through body language, and even the people who sell them can not help but affect the customer's psychology. He feels that his choice is not wrong. Back to stimulate the thoughts in my heart. This is a common method for outstanding employees. Skills of wearing: The product of the product requires skills. Different jewelry has different methods of wearing. Correctly not only proves that its professional and skilled professional skills, but also reduce unnecessary damage and increase the life of jewelry. Make mistakes not only damage the product, but also the psychological impact on customers. Necklace: Pick up one end and let go of the other end. When it naturally goes straight, pick up the other end to avoid the bending and misplaced of the necklace, and introduce the functions of various buttons. Ring: It is divided into men's rings and women's rings. It is generally easy to bring. It is difficult to pick up. Here is how to pick the ring. First use one hand to pull the skin of the fingers of the ring with one hand and hurry up, pinch the ring with the other hand, and push up the position of the finger belly of the ring, and take it down. This can take the ring smoothly. The attention of sufficient gold and thousands of gold should not be too strong, and the inlay women's rings cannot be performed on the inlaid. In addition, you also need to learn the shape of the finger and observe the shape of the customer's fingers. Earrings: Clamp the ears in the back, it is best to add a plug in the back to prevent falling off to prevent falling off. Bracelet: The place where the golden hollow bracelet is wearing can only be the position of the interface. Remember not to pinch, press, drag, etc. for force. Metal bracelets or bracelets that can be opened when you close. Pay attention to the axis of the interface when you close. The skin of the testers should hold down the bracelet gently with their hands. The wearing and obtaining the jade bracelet are even more particular. First of all, the measurement and judgment can be taken, and then we wear it (see the action description in detail). The same reason is the same. Different jewelry wears the quality and professional skills of trained employees. It needs to be mastered by long -term training. Recommended inquiries and judgments of the three products: Ask to understand what kind of products customers need, who to bring, the age group, personality characteristics of the wearing person, and the place and habit of life. In fact, asking so much is not to really understand customers or know the answer. The important thing is to make customers feel that we are really recommending a suitable product for him. This is a way to grasp the psychological tendency of customers. Determine whether the price of the recommended commodity can be preliminarily understood by observing the expressions of customers. Customers think that expensive is definitely what you tell you. It is not necessary to return to you if you are cheap. Generally buying precious jewelry with commemorative significance such as diamonds, precious gems, and heavy yellow platinum are estimated by his monthly income. Most people accept the price of 3 to 5 times their monthly income. Only this Only in his psychology, he felt that this product was worthy of treasure or expressing his mind. This is not whether the price of a single product is high or low, but the meaning of the meaning that it represents the customer's mind. So the recommended products are mainly psychologically. Comparison introduction: This is a solution to the problem of choice with customers. When the customer is hesitant, we need to keep them sober. The comparison of goods, the comparison of the wearing, different personalities, and the comparison of life methods can be referenced in the contrast of jewelry. Example: The quality of the style determines the preferences of people who wear it. For example, your own skin skin is not as good as customers. You can recommend the style and workmanship with more delicate workmanship, which looks more skin advantages, and also sets off the jewelry. "I have a thin hand with this ring, and I can't set off. It's better to wear it as wealthy." "You bring you more capable and spiritual, unlike me, but the hand is fat." "I give it to me." My relatives bought one the same, oops he liked it, this is the company's additional customization "and so on. Compliment of cooperation between colleagues: Sometimes the success of the business requires the help of other colleagues. At this time, the group is even more important for cooperation. Example: 3 people who lie to a person's watch are not allowed, A asked A time, A said, but A told him that time was wrong. After 10 minutes slowly, A must not believe it, and then encountered B, (A, B, C, Three III. The person who discussed well) B asked time, A said again, B said no, it seems that it is 10 minutes slower. If you leave more, ask to ask the time, and say that the time of A is slow, so at this time a return. He didn't hesitate to think that his watch was slow. This shows that a person's affirmative view can be changed by different views of several people. During the recommendation process, we also need to be similar to the partner of A, Bing, and Bing, which is our colleagues. Colleagues accidentally passed by participating in your recommendation and looked at the jewelry you recommend and said: This is pretty good, you also pick this! Then take a look at it. Another salesperson came over and took a look at the way, stopped and participated in your recommendation and said, "Isn't this which one you gave away, I also want to buy one." Go away. At this time, no matter what the customer's psychology is thinking, after such a scene, he also pays attention to the style you recommend, and even increase the desire to buy (if he chooses it). This type of team cooperation is not only limited to this method and method. The purpose of the end is the same, giving customers confidence and increasing his desire to buy. Professional jewelry knowledge: The products introduced when recommending must be added with some professional terms, accurate, vivid, and easy to understand. Such as: "The diamonds of this women's ring weighed 50 points, which are half carats, which have high appreciation potential. Its bright fire color, the perfect cut of eight arrows and eight hearts, plus a very high level level, make this woman this female. The ring looks more precious, coupled with it to set off your identity and temperament, etc. "and so on. The four communication skills and transactions suggest that the customer stays half of the success: the customer can stay and explain that there is a product he needed or attracting him here. What we have to do is to find his purpose in the shortest time. And strive to do business. So how do you know the needs of customers or leave in a short time? Only through communication with customers can help you. Keeping normal heart, the customer's stay is because of the demand for purchasing or other reasons, but no matter why we must keep our usual mind, we must not be full of heartbroken, and maintain a state we should have. Example: Individual beautiful salespersons think that their appearance is attracting customers, so they inadvertently reveal a kind of pride and position when they are in contact. This is what customers can understand. If you encounter a ugly customer salesperson psychologically, there is an idea, "Zhang is not as good as me, and still picks three pickers here." This really exists. Women are inherently instinct to compare. Here, I emphasize that they need to control their impulse and maintain their ordinary heart. Be a friend first, and then do business: Only by treating customers as your friends can customers be assured to communicate with you sincerely. According to the different types of guests, we need to master basic communication skills. Autonomous type: Features: I like to choose slowly, do not accept other people's opinions, and do not like the assistance and harassment of clerks. Sales communication skills: Avoid directly watching the guests, pay attention to the needs of the guests in the way you can't get, and come forward to assist when the guests are required. Try not to give personal opinions as much as possible, let the guests decide on their own, can open the topic with the guests at an appropriate time, praise the guests to choose the vision of the jewelry, and increase the customer's confidence. Hao Shuang: Features: Wearwear, wearing famous brands or precious jewelry, high consumption power, buying whatever you want, buying it if you like it, regardless of price, and not spend too much time to try wearing products and checking products. Sales communication skills: Such guests are easy to receive. The important thing is to actively and kind. I can introduce more new models. You can introduce some higher prices, try to attract guests' shopping interest, so that guests feel valued and have face. Exciting calculation: Features: In contrast to the bold type, such guests are very expensive, and usually spend a long time to compare the price and bargain. Sales communication skills: This kind of guests need to have strong patience to entertain. Do not contempt for guests. They can introduce more cheap goods and reduce prices, so that guests feel that things are planted. Pride: Features: This kind of guests like to criticize many criticisms, and especially like to use other people's products to criticize our products. Sales communication skills: If you should avoid the weight, you should avoid the weight, do not touch it, and accept the criticism of the guests. If criticism is unreasonable but no harmful, it can be brought gently. If it is affecting the company's image, it must be polite to guests. Hesitant: Features: These guests have no opinions, hesitating, and spending a lot of time cannot be decided. Sales communication skills: To deal with such guests to introduce the products to them, but avoid letting customers wear too many styles to choose one or two for the guests. The ideal commodity, praise the guests from time to time to increase their confidence in buying. Select carefully: Features: This kind of guests must be close to their own minds, 100 % satisfactory, very careful when shopping, spending a lot of time on trial jewelry and checking products. Sales communication skills: To cope with such guests, try to meet their requirements, treat them patiently, answer the questions of guests, understand the requirements of the guests, and choose the ideal products in their hearts with personal professional knowledge. The requirements for guests should be clever and methodic. The hint of the transaction: If the customer decides to buy, he will let you open the order, but how should we help them make a determination when we encounter depression? First of all, it must be sure that the choice just now is correct. After the sales communication just now, the basic characteristics of the product have been understood, and then what is the reason for asking or inquiring what the customer is determined to buy it because it is expensive, because you are not assured of authenticity, because you are not assured of authenticity, Because I want to compare, because I have other questions, etc., you can dispel customers' concerns according to the preferential conditions of the company's after -sales service and appropriate explanation. There are many suggestions that suggest, such as "If you think it is possible, I wrap/open a good order, wait for you to choose ..." "The recent gold price has risen quickly. Now this is a trend. Today is a good opportunity. It will be much more expensive to buy it again. "" This is a popular style. Many people now like it, and many customers book. This is so suitable for you. There is also a fate. I really think it is very suitable for you. "" If you Don't worry, our company can ... .. It has always been like this for so many years, you should believe in yourself "and so on. Learn to sell continuously: After the customer pays the order, the general salesperson thinks that the sales are completed. In fact, the customer's shopping potential should be tapped. Example: After the customer finishes a product, you can recommend other subsidiaries, such as the pendant necklace necklace chain , Bracelet matching ring, couple matching, and so on. You can attract customers to buy again by using employee prices or bottom discounts. "This ring is our special price. Only this we have a employee price. If you like it, you can apply for you to buy one. Look ... "In fact, the so -called employee price and bottom discounts are just the company's discount bottom line. Five goods delivery Packaged after the customer chooses their own products, it should increase their attention for the salesperson, because most of the goods are lost, intentionally or unintentional replacement, etc. Self -ecstatic, the packaging is opened in accordance with the requirements of your company, and the speed should be fast. After paying the money, you must confirm that the sales of the goods are not wrong again. Example: The process of the product was lost by the scammer. In addition, after the normal sales, try to leave as much as possible to leave as much as possible, and give some customers more discounts according to the company's requirements. Example: Buy vegetables alone, one of which sells to him normally, and the other pulls the customer after selling it and gives two more shallots. So this person often goes back to buy vegetables in the future? The same is true for sales of jewelry. The company's gifts give customers much better than those who sell gifts during the sales process at the time of sales. Customers think of great value. If the company does not have a gift, there are many ways to do it. For example, when the customer buys the earrings, you can give a few more plugs. Customers think that you really think about him, or send a big bag after packing. Usually you can use it in life, or give some gifts, discount cards, and so on. All of these must grasp the timing. Do not take the discount as a means of sales. This will not only be more discounts for customers, but they will also be at passive. There is no way to increase sales. Cash and credit card common sense: Cash recognition and credit card requirements are the skills that the company should have, but other employees should also master. According to the company's requirements, they should learn to count the hand -made money quickly and understand the invoices and requirements. The bank debit card needs to be based on the password. After swiping the card, the guests need to be signed and confirmed. This is the basic requirement. Credit cards must be checked for signatures, and ID cards need to be checked under the necessary circumstances, because credit card consumer cardholders can be canceled. If the credit card from stealing or other methods is in the company's consumption, the company will be huge. Lost, remember. Example: Use credit card and ordinary bank card fraud. Summary: Regardless of the change and improvement of sales techniques, it is to better sell your own products. Increase sales skills is not to improve cheating skills or fraud, but to serve customers seriously. The six words summarize the conditions we should have: dedication (seeking truth from facts, doing our best to do our customers) (to keep your normal mind at all times, stabilize your mentality) to be careful.

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