I bought a green chalcedony Pendant in the mall today. Is it worth the price

I bought a green chalcedony Pendant in the mall today. Is it worth the price

5 thoughts on “I bought a green chalcedony Pendant in the mall today. Is it worth the price”

  1. To be frank, you've been killed

    first, chalcedony and jade are not the same concept. The output of chalcedony is not small. Although the chalcedony looks good, the output determines its market value. Compared with Hotan jade and Nanhong agate, the price is generally lower, that is, it is cheaper

    Second, your inlay is 925 silver, not K gold, so it's even cheaper

    the wholesale price of your quality green chalcedony bracelet, even the most expensive green chalcedony bracelet, is only four or five hundred yuan, so the wholesale price of your pendant is less than 300 yuan in terms of materials. As for 925 silver, you can calculate the price by yourself

    after all, your pendant is worth seven or eight hundred

    however, you bought it in a physical store. It's OK for people to sell you at this price. It depends on the rent and labor costs of the store, because these costs will ultimately be counted on you and there will be profits

    therefore, shopping depends on the channel. You can't rest assured that online shopping is cheap, and physical shopping will be slaughtered. Therefore, you must do your homework before buying these things, and pay more attention to Baidu

    to be honest, I do these things. I also sell them on the Internet, which is seven or eight hundred.

  2. Never buy chalcedony in the market. At present, there is no top-grade chalcedony in the domestic market. Your price is 300 yuan, and the bottom bracket must be pure silver! If it's not pure silver, it's not worth 100! Don't be fooled again

  3. In fact, no matter what you eat, wear, use or decorate, it depends on the quality. Take jewelry and jade for example. The best jadeite and Hetian jade are valuable, but the low-grade jadeite and Hetian jade are like waste stones, which are neither durable nor keep their value. The price is also several thousand smaller, and it is reasonable for the good chalcedony to be several thousand smaller, because it has appreciation value. But the difference is only a few dozen. It mainly depends on what quality you buy? (only you can understand it after reading it yourself, not to mention that the pictures on the identification certificate cannot be distinguished by others, even if you upload the photos of the real objects, there is an error.)

  4. Shop: I saw an 8000 green chalcedony in the mall last month. It's really expensive. It's not worth money. The chalcedony in the emerald live room is a gift. It's not for sale

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