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  1. It's said that cartoon story will come again this summer, and this time it has a huge name, which is the flagship exhibition

    from June 29 to July 5, 2007, the flagship cartoon mobilization exhibition at Shanghai East Asia Exhibition Hall

    at first glance! Even I was startled. It was too big

    of course, we can't miss such a good opportunity for animation intelligence. As we all know, animation intelligence has been celebrating its sixth anniversary. From next week, the program will also enter our countdown promotion period

    all the diffuse exhibitions and new books will be reported in advance, and all the information will be collected

    pinko, Yangyang, Jiuyuan and so on, we started to work hard again. Occasionally, we took advantage of the recording period of the program to see the cover first. We felt that ha ha, it was really a gathering of stars. Young newcomers like me don't know whether they can recognize them. However, my predecessors, such as Bei Bei and Xiao He, will all be present in the cartoon general mobilization, so don't miss them, Of course, I remember that we can see our new book in the animation intelligence program next week

    so I want to give a shout here first, and the fans should give more support Of course, new books can also be pre booked through the comic club

    the 2007 cartoon mobilization Flagship Exhibition will be launched in Shanghai East Asia exhibition hall from June 29 to July 5. It will be jointly sponsored by Shanghai Wenguang news media group, Shanghai

    haixuandong cartoon satellite TV and Shanghai Wanyao Qilong Exhibition Co., Ltd. At the news conference held a few days ago, the organizer revealed that the cartoon

    general mobilization has successfully held the exhibition for three years since 2005. In order to allow animation fans to enjoy more professional animation themed entertainment, this flagship exhibition will bring more animation entertainment projects with many new concepts that are especially creative. Children's hosts who are very familiar with children are strongly invited to the scene. At that time, a

    exhibition area of 15000 square meters will surely make anime fans happy

    ▲ all previous hosts Xiaohe, Beibei, Chen Chen, etc. were present to celebrate the sixth birthday of animation intelligence.

    in the eyes of cartoonists, animation intelligence, the first brand of animation information columns, is already six years old! Xiaohe, Beibei, Chen Chen, Haotian, Juliet and Rongrong, the former hosts of this program, were all present to review the growth of the program in the sixth anniversary together with the animation fans. The first TV series carefully planned by dazzle cartoon satellite TV - "animation intelligence (colorful sixth anniversary Collection Edition)" will also be launched on the spot. At the same time, a large-scale host signature book sales activity will be held

    ▲ Doraemon paradise opened happily, and opened the mysterious world for the first time in China.

    a brand-new interactive entertainment project Doraemon paradise opened, and a wide variety of Doraemon toys and accessories appeared for the first time in China, bringing you into the magical imaginary world. There are also many interesting interactive games on the site. Children can also have a close group photo with their favorite robot cat, and can enjoy the wonderful clips of the upcoming movie version of Doraemon in advance. Its supporting books will also be sold in limited quantities in cartoon story to meet the dreams of every robot cat fan

    ▲ the top figures in the Japanese sound industry appeared on the scene, and the latest authentic products of netking were released on the spot.

    the organizer specially invited the beautiful voice actor Junko Kawa, who voiced the leading character Longma in the prince of tennis, and Suwa Shunyi, who voiced the voice of the trace, to the cartoon mobilization site. Both Miyagawa and Suwa are very popular heavyweights in the Japanese sound industry. As a beautiful voice actor who voices for boys, Miyagawa has a large number of fans in Japan and abroad. When he appeared at the scene of cartoon story in the summer of 2006, he attracted numerous domestic fans. The atmosphere at the scene was extremely hot! Suwa, who has voiced a large number of animation works, is also his first live performance in China. In addition to these two, there will be a handsome man. If you want to know who this handsome man is, the mobilization scene will soon be revealed! How can anime fans miss such a rare meeting opportunity

    ▲ the king of Warcraft sky appears in the exhibition competition, and the opportunity to compete with world-class experts should not be missed.

    as China's first world champion of Warcraft, sky's name is known to all gamers. This cartoon general mobilization also invited world-class experts such as sky and Xiao Ti from the e-sports industry to the scene for the performance competition. And the audience can also participate in it, compete with the experts on the same stage, and personally experience the excitement of fighting with the world's top experts! And magic Yang, the super popular commentator in the video game industry, will also bring wonderful live commentaries and feel extraordinary tension and excitement

    ▲ the giant Gunda square array was re installed and the super large scale model exhibition was launched for the first time.

    the giant Gunda model was re installed and landed! A number of large-scale models with a height of more than two meters will be displayed in combination, which will become a unique scenic spot in the 2007 cartoon story! In the super large square array composed of giant Koda, the animation fans can experience the magic charm of the Koda animation series, and the full series of seedseed destinystar gazar Koda models appear for the first time. In addition, there is also a full series of MG models to commemorate the 100th mg Koda model that shocked the market. At the same time, there are rich and wonderful interactive assembly games for you to participate in. The model classroom can not only allow you to learn the basic knowledge of model assembly, but also provide you with a large gift

    ▲ "Spider Man" and "Ninja Turtles" animation film derivatives have appeared

    in recent years, animation films have been popular, and many animation films have achieved good box office results. The cute or handsome animation images in the films have also been sought after by movie fans. This cartoon general mobilization has specially gathered a number of popular animation films such as "Spider Man 3", "Ninja Turtles" As a derivative product of happy feet, animation fans who like these animation films can enjoy the super collection of products of these blockbusters at one time, and can also have close contact with their favorite animation images and take close group photos

    ▲ the PK show of keybots and the TV show of "Xuanli baby" are about to start.

    the popularity of Tama Gezi () has not yet subsided, and the toy industry will have colorful highlights this season. The keybots series toys developed by Japan Wandai company have been introduced to the market. At this diffuse exhibition, the dazzle cartoon will set up an interactive zone to display 15 full series of key robots. At the same time, players can go to the scene to unlock and integrate the PK key robots, and enjoy the unique key magic
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