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  1. The 8 major items of jewelry products are: name, quality (weight), price (unit price), execution standards, production or sales of enterprise names or registered trademarks, qualification certificates, production or sales enterprise addresses, contact information.

    The identification = tag other logo mark tags: that is, "signs", placed on the counter, you can clearly see it for the sign of the jewelry. (Each of the retail jewelry must have labels. The wholesale jewelry can be tags one category.)
    Seal: The prints left by the metal by strike or laser. (The imprint should be hit by the producer on the metal material, and the mark directly on the jewelry (such as diamonds) should not be regarded as the mark of this standard. In addition: the weight of a single piece of prime gold jewelry or inlaid jewelry is less than 0.5g or it is difficult to be difficult to be difficult to be difficult The marked, the content of the mark can be exempted.)
    Ittae: ​​other identifies: other items except labels and marks. (① Other logo includes print text, manuals, etc. on the packaging, can be one or more, or not. ② must be attached to the jewelry or in the jewelry packaging to ensure that the buyer can get relevant information. ③ Other logo must be the information that the sales party can hand it over to the purchaser, otherwise it cannot be attributed to other logo. For example, the text on the advertising light box of the sales counter.), Such as the statement, the packaging bag, and so on.

    The important criteria referenced by identification:
    GB/T16552 "Name of Jewelry and Jade"

    GB/T16553 GB/T16554 "Diamond Grade"
    GB11887 "Regulations on the Pigmentation of Jewelry Precious Metals"
    GB/T18043 "The non -destructive detection method of precious metal jewelry content - X -ray fluorescent spectrum method" n QB /T1690 "Regulations on the Great Metal Measurement of Precious Metal Jewelry"
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  2. Product logo is a simple symbol used to identify its own communication application, which is often used with any letter and version description.
    The product identification in the quality management system refers to the various representations used to identify the extremely quality, quantity, characteristics, characteristics and methods of use. It can be represented by text, symbols, numbers, patterns, and other instructions. For example, each product or each product is marked, or the label, or use the accompanying file (card, label sticker), etc.

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