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  1. Introduction to food

    Guilin rice noodles

    Guilin rice noodles is a famous traditional snack with a long history in Guangxi. It is famous for its unique flavor. Its workmanship is exquisite. First, the superior early indica rice is ground into a pulp, bagged and filtered, put into a powder, cooked and pressed into a round root or a sheet. Round rice flour, flake rice flour, commonly known as rice flour, is characterized by white, delicate, soft, smooth and refreshing. Its eating methods are various. The production of brine is the most important. The process is different from one family to another. It is roughly boiled with pigs, beef bones, Luohanguo and various seasonings, with a strong flavor. The flavor of rice noodles varies with the materials and methods of brine. There are generally lettuce powder, beef brisket powder, three delicacies powder, original soup powder, stewed vegetable powder, sour and spicy powder, horse meat rice powder, and Danzi rice powder

  2. The most famous of Guilin's specialties is the "three treasures of Guilin":
    Sanhua liquor, one of the "three treasures of Guilin", is the representative of Chinese rice flavor Baijiu. It is known as the king of liquor and the pride of Guilin people. Guilin Sanhua wine is favored by Chinese and foreign tourists for its long history, unique technology and excellent quality. Sanhua wine is clear and transparent, mellow and fragrant. According to legend, Guilin Sanhua wine began in the Ming Dynasty, and some people say it began in the Qing Dynasty. As to why it is called "three flowers", there are different opinions. It is said that when the wine bottle is shaken, only Guilin Sanhua wine will have sparkling hops on the liquid surface. This kind of wine is piled with flowers in the jar, in the bottle, and in the cup, so it is called "Sanhua wine". Another saying is that Guilin Sanhua wine is made by three distillations, so it is called "three distilled wine" and "three boiled wine". It was probably because the literati thought the name was too rustic, and in order to add some cultural flavor, it was called "three flowers". The high quality of Sanhua wine is not only related to the use of clear and clear Lijiang River water, high-quality rice and selected koji, but also due to the unique storage conditions formed by the caves in Guilin, which are warm in winter and cool in summer, which make the wine more mellow and fragrant. Experts made the evaluation of "honey fragrance is elegant, soft and soft in the mouth, refreshing in the mouth and pleasant in the aftertaste", which is exactly the affirmation of Sanhua wine. No wonder wine drinkers love Sanhua deeply
    the second of the "three treasures of Guilin" - tofu milk Guilin tofu milk is the representative of white tofu milk. As far back as the Song Dynasty, Guilin tofu milk has been very famous. Guilin tofu milk has a long history and is well-known. It is one of the three treasures of Guilin. Guilin tofu milk is made with exquisite and rigorous technology. There is a set of disorderly materials from grinding, filtration to shaping, drying and mold. The produced tofu milk is small, smooth and soft, orange yellow and transparent on the surface, fresh and delicious in taste, rich in nutrition, promoting appetite and helping digestion. It is a common food for people and also a seasoning for enjoying food. For suckling pigs, braised meat, dog meat, braised meat, white cut chicken, etc., fermented bean curd should be used as the ingredient, and the fragrance is overflowing. It is used for cold tofu, preserved eggs, spring sprouts, small bamboo shoots, etc. it has a unique flavor and endless aftertaste. White fermented bean curd is famous overseas and is popular in Hong Kong, Macao, Southeast Asia and Japan
    the third of the "three treasures of Guilin" - Guilin chilli sauce Guilin chilli sauce is famous for its unique flavor. It is not only popular in China, but also in Hong Kong, Macao and Southeast Asia. It is known as the "three treasures of Guilin" together with Guilin Sanhua wine and Guilin fermented bean curd. Guilin chili sauce has different varieties due to different ingredients. Garlic pepper sauce is made with garlic as the ingredient. Add bean drum to make bean drum chili sauce. Usually, high-quality red pepper and garlic are chopped, mixed with soybeans, added with Sanhua wine and fine salt, and sealed into the jar. It can be made after several months. Guilin chili sauce is moist, hot, mellow and delicious. It can not only be used for food and flavor, but also for seasoning. The "Guilin Sanbao" gift box with the "Guilin Sanbao" trademark integrates three famous and high-quality products, namely, Guilin Sanhua wine, Guilin tofu milk and Guilin chili sauce. It is small and chic, easy to carry, and is deeply loved by Chinese and foreign tourists.

  3. Guilin is a well-developed tourist city, and the variety of tourist products is also very rich. From expensive jewelry to inexpensive jewelry, from unique local products to unique local snacks, you can find them here. You can buy jewelry at the jewelry store with the "national appraisal office" brand. If you buy fake jewelry, you can complain and claim for compensation. And you can buy cheap jewelry near Mopanshan wharf, but you must remember to bargain. The newly renovated Zhongshan middle road and the elegant Zhengyang Road Pedestrian Street are good places for shopping. When you feel hungry, the snack stalls on the streets of Guilin can let you experience local food, or go to the food street in the central square to have a good meal
    there are many famous local specialties in Guilin, such as Shatian pomelo, summer orange, Luohanguo, Baiguo, Lipu Taro, etc. in addition, there are GUI embroidery, comb, paper umbrella, hand-painted screen and so on. But anyway, when you arrive in Guilin, you should at least buy some of the "three treasures of Guilin" and take them back
    shopping place search:
    Yangshuo West Street and Wayao international tourism commodity wholesale city
    Products: local specialties include Lipu Taro, horseshoe, persimmon cake, chestnut, osmanthus tea, ginkgo, Luohanguo, etc.; famous snacks include Sanhua wine, yucca, fermented bean curd, chili sauce, rice noodles, etc.; handicrafts include art ceramics, bamboo carving, landscape painting, paper fan and paper umbrella, etc.; jewelry includes crystal products, jewelry and jade products, pearl products, etc. Yangshuo's welfare town is a well-known Huafan village. Yangshuo West Street is a "global village" where Chinese and Western cultures meet. You can not only buy Ruyi craft products, but also a good place for leisure and entertainment
    transportation: take bus No. 56 to wayaokou, walk for about 5 minutes, or take bus No. 55 directly. Take bus No. 11 from weixiaotang shopping mall and get off at Wayao, and walk for 5 minutes. Take a taxi from the central square for about 10 yuan
    Zhengyang Road Pedestrian Street, central square small Hong Kong underground commercial block, Bagui building, weixiaotang, Guilin big world
    commodities: fashion and famous brand clothing. There are many fashionable shops in the pedestrian street of Zhengyang Road, the small Hong Kong Commercial Street under the central square, and the Bagui building. The prices are not expensive, and they can still bargain. Weixiaotang, Guilin world and Guilin department store in Zhongshan Road commercial district are clearly priced.

  4. Three treasures: chili sauce, tofu milk, Sanhua wine
    Shatian pomelo, Luohanguo and Baiguo old duck are all good
    Luohanguo, Yangshuo chestnut, Wutong sugarcane.

  5. Guilin tofu milk, Guilin Sanhua wine. Guilin rice noodles, Guilin Zhuangjin, Yongfu Luohanguo, Guilin chili sauce, Lipu Taro, Gongcheng oil tea, Gongcheng persimmon cake, horseshoe cake, etc.

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