3 thoughts on “What brand of diamond ring is better for women with thicker fingers?

  1. Women with thick fingers wear diamond ring and have nothing to do with what brand wearing. Each brand of diamond ring has different models, mainly to choose their favorite style.
    The woman with a large finger of the opponent, the diamond ring is too thin or the ring is too small, which makes people feel thick. You can choose a bit wavy ring on the style. There are some V -shaped shapes in the shape, and the heart -shaped diamonds are more suitable, but you should also pay attention not to choose a ring that is too wide and too large. But there is a twisted or undulating design that makes the fingers look slender, and those with larger or single design can also cover the effect of thick fingers. Selecting a ring with a large area or vertical lines can lead people's sight to the ring, so that the finger joints are not noticeable to achieve the effect of the transfer of sight.

    For wearing diamond ring styles, you can choose a classic four -claw or six claws. The classic four -claw style will look simple and noble and elegant. Highlighting elegance and chic, or crown six claws, can also modify the problem of short fingers.
    It should also pay attention to the shape of the diamond. Here is the selection of the appropriate diamond shape, and you must have to mention round diamonds. Round diamonds are the most common and classic shapes in the shape of diamonds. Round diamonds can be possible Fully show the glory and charm of diamonds, and round diamonds are relatively moderate styles, and anyone with any hand type can be worn. Of course, olive or water drop diamond ring is also very suitable, which can make the fingers more slender in the vertical direction.
    In fact, as long as you choose the right ring suitable for thick fingers, you will not look ugly when wearing a ring, and it will also be very gorgeous and elegant.

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