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  1. In fact, the most important mind, meaning, and practicality of gifts are not practical instead of buying some flowers and sorrows. It is better to buy some intimate, warm and real gifts. But many people don't know what gifts to give? Let's support everyone.

    ‍ ‍, nutritional

    as a child, the most remembered is the health of the parents. With the increase of age, their physical function and physical resistance gradually gradually gradually gradually gradually gradually gradually gradually gradually gradually. Decrease, fast nutrition loss, and slow absorption speed. So nutritional products can be said to be a very real and considerate gift!

    The nutritional milk powder, bird's nest, Gutu nutritional powder, ginseng and other nutritional supplements to parents, so that their bodies can be better! Soulful Xiaobian suggested that when choosing nutritional supplements, it is best to make targeted choices based on the health of your parents. For example, parents' physical resistance is poor and easy to get sick. Nutrition of ingredients.

    Considering that the gastrointestinal and intestines of middle -aged and elderly people are relatively poor and the absorption is poor, so I personally bias to some milk powder or grain nutrition powder, can be used as breakfast, healthy and delicious ~

    . Sleeping nutrition ‍‍

    Parents will always be upset for their children, worrying that they can't eat well in his country, and how many day and night will not sleep well. Therefore, if parents have trouble in this regard, it is recommended that you choose some nutritious milk powder or supplements with peace of mind and sleep, so that parents can easily sleep and sleep all night. If parents receive such intimate gifts, they must be very happy inside.

    . The gift that is good

    1, crab gift box, the Mid -Autumn Festival is the most beautiful season for crabs, and the same sound as "thanks", which means better!

    2, various wine products, reunion festivals, long -lasting, wine delivery is also very decent, and there are good meaning. It is very suitable for parents and elders. In addition, fruits such as pomegranate and grapefruit can also be selected, which means full of blessing and well -being!

    Themid and intimate Mid -Autumn Festival gifts, parents will definitely like it! In fact, gifts are a sense of ritual, a kind of heart, Mid -Autumn Festival, parents care most about you can go home to reunite together, but if you can't go home this year to spend the holidays, sending the gift back is also a very warm behavior. I wish you all a happy Mid -Autumn Festival in advance and happiness and health!

  2. I. Foreword

    This year, it happened to catch up with the same day of the National Day Mid -Autumn Festival. If there is no travel plan, I believe most people will choose to go back to my hometown. After all , So take advantage of this rare opportunity to return to your parents and accompany your parents for a few days. It is also a good choice!

    It is a good thing to accompany your parents, but the annual gifts should also have a headache. Most people are estimated to be a moon cake that year after year. It is expensive, I feel distressed, after all, this thing is more expensive for the Mid -Autumn Festival these days. After the Mid -Autumn Festival, who can remember this thing, it is recommended to buy the Mid -Autumn Festival after the Mid -Autumn Festival. It is not expensive, and you can also solve it. You can buy some tooth sacrifices in the Mid -Autumn Festival. Of course, if you send the elders to the elders, you still have to be slightly better. The origin of

    It Mid -Autumn Festival as one of the four traditional festivals in China, and there are many other nicknames, such as reunion festivals, sacrifice festivals, moon festivals, etc., which originated from the worship of heaven in ancient times. The Xi Jiu Moon has evolved, and the Han Dynasty began to become popular. In the early Tang Dynasty, it became an official national festival. It was after the Song Dynasty. Every time this festival, people sacrifice the moon, enjoy the moon, eat moon cakes, drink osmanthus wine and other folk customs to celebrate and express people's good wishes.

    The Mid -Autumn Festival with the reunion of the Moon's Circle of the Moon, to look forward to the feelings of solving the country, and entrust the love of the family and pray for happiness and beautiful wishes. Affected by the long and long Chinese culture, the Mid -Autumn Festival is also a solemn traditional festival in some countries in Southeast Asia. The Mid -Autumn Festival became the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage in my country in 2008 as a national legal festival.

    It, I don't care about the origin of the Mid -Autumn Festival. After all, you can take a holiday on a legal holiday haha
    . Eating and drinking

    Monthly cake
    Mid -autumn festival moon cakes must be an indispensable moon cake. The theme of the Mid -Autumn Festival is eternal theme. The fragrance, so anyway, moon cakes are bought, what is the Mid -Autumn Festival, what is the Mid -Autumn Festival? Coinciding with the festive days of the family reunion of the Mid -Autumn Festival, the family surrounds the hairy crabs together to enjoy the joy of God. , Don't be greedy ~~

    This red wine
    First declare it, I don’t understand red wine, I just feel that gifts and red wine will not be too vulgar. Drinking red wine is also good for the body. Red wine is not only antioxidant, slowing the effect of aging, but also to prevent cardiovascular disease and reduce cholesterol. If the elders like to drink red wine, sending red wine is also a good gift
    n tea sets
    You can consider sending a set of tea sets. N
    It's like playing chess, sending a pair of chess is also a good choice ~~
    Id a few cost -effective mobile phones, dad and mother generally can't bear to change their mobile phones, you can take this opportunity to give the elderly for the elderly Mom and mother changed a
    equipped with Kirin 810 processor, which has strong performance. Light and light models. The thickness is 7.5mm and weighs 165g. The battery life is not bad. OLED pearl screen supports optical screen fingerprints. The performance is relatively balanced, there is no obvious short board
    Kirin 810 processor, the performance is relatively strong, last year, the ark compiler blessing, the 6.59 -inch lift full screen, and the screen ratio is high, 48 million night shooting The dual camera can cope with most scenarios to use
    equipped with MediaTek G90T, known as a professional game chip, and has a cold heat dissipation. The price of thousands of yuan is equipped with a 64 -megapixel Samsung GW1 sensor, which is cost -effective. 6.53 -inch water drops full screen, 4500mAh large -capacity battery

    . Health type

    Except for moon cakes, other gifts are certainly indispensable. Cervical spine massage instruments are a good choice. Now many middle -aged and elderly people are fashionable. SKG cervical spine smart massage instruments are both fashionable and practical. They are domestic brands with good quality. The head -dressed cervical vertebrae massage instrument is very convenient and convenient to operate. Parents will not use because of the high degree of intelligence

    This foot bath is relatively new, The selling point is full of flavors and super high safety. Because the use of wet steam foot is used, there will be almost no risk of leakage. People are a good choice

    Dis is also a big international brand. The things they do are relatively guaranteed. The power is protected and the safety is good. The key is that this store is more daily than other homes. The product should be dozens of dollars cheaper. I don't believe in comparison. I personally recommend 369. The increased function is more practical.凯诗捷主推这款,中高端产品,颜值高,功能全面,双温控保险,断电保护,K式循环加热,桶深也比较高,我给老妈买的这款,毕竟我和Mom is a person who only looks at the face value and does not look at the hardware. After buying it for a while, I find that the foot massage is really comfortable. N Weidmo's foot therapy machine is currently the highest price of 500 yuan at the price of 500 yuan! Intersection The advantage of buying foot therapy machine is to save trouble. It is finished after turning on the massage and shutdown every day. Unlike a foot bath, there may be people who may feel unhygienic, so negative ions are particularly important. There are all these foot therapy machines, leakage protection, multi -gear adjustment, full of sincerity

    The advanced version of the foot therapy machine, which is actually equivalent to the simple version of the massage chair, but why is there this this? Planting products! Intersection Personally, it is a reason for it: the foot is too important, so it can castrate other functions to form a separate product foot therapy machine. This kind of foot therapy machine can massage the legs and feet. It mainly depends on the degree of adjustment. Guang, old man, young man, you can use it so that our money will not be white flowers

    Mashing chair
    Mashing chair to be rich must be bought. Comfortable, after pinching my body, but comfortable, buying not only parents can use it, but also can use it by themselves

  3. What gifts are good for Mid -Autumn Festival, the Mid -Autumn Festival is a traditional festival in my country. For traditional festivals, we will also visit relatives and friends, bring some small gifts, and give some blessings. So what gifts are given to the Mid -Autumn Festival? Frequent. But it always looks a bit monotonous. You can give some other gifts.
    1. First of all, you have to determine the object you want to give gifts, according to the different objects, and the difference in budget to determine the gift.
    2, you can also choose gifts according to the preferences, identities, and status of gift giving. You can send some tea, tea sets, tableware, etc. In fact, many times the Mid -Autumn Festival is a good time to give gifts. What you want to send is to choose
    3 according to the purpose you want to achieve, and you can also send some ornaments, ornaments. Such as charcoal carving, creative vase, etc., such gifts are more atmospheric
    4, if it is a business gift, you can give it like a golf suit. Very grade, you can also give red wine!
    5, gifts for massage! (Send leaders and elders can choose such gifts

  4. Parents: You can bring a practical gift for your parents. It can be a supplementary supplement to help parents maintain health. It can also buy some household appliances for parents to facilitate the life of the parents.

    In giving lover: romantic gifts

    Is those who have girlfriends can prepare a romantic gift for girlfriends, such as: flowers, DIY chocolate, jewelry, etc. : You can prepare a sincere gift for good friends. Based on your understanding of your good friends, you choose a gift that meets TA's preferences for TA. It can be a favorite album, a book, and a guitar. The most important thing is what TA likes, so this is the most sincere gift

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