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  1. All my imagination about the wedding is the hands of the hand, and I will grow old with my son.
    Thefeng crown Xiaye, the same is the same. Heavy head crown, complicated etiquette.
    has no cream cake and no diamond ring.
    The clothes of my Han family, prospering my etiquette. Long autumn is long years old.
    "Zell is newly married, there are banquet guests, salty gathering to congratulations, and wishing Lianli. Lan said: but the heavens and the earth are nourished, the day is essential, the moon is moist, and the heavenly etiquette is contained in the heavenly ceremony. Among them, people set their gifts with weddings, eat three jail, and drink together. When they are self -ritual, they are connected and wings. Such as Takayama, his love is eternal, and his love is like the sky. Parents, worship. "
    " Seeing the peach blossom burning on this day, IKEA IKEA, the year of him, Erchanger. "
    n "Li Cheng."
    The words! I will share with you some related knowledge about Chinese weddings today. Although planning the wedding mainly depends on intermediaries, I have to know a little knowledge as newcomers!
    First of all, we must clarify what kind of misunderstanding of Chinese wedding partners who do not understand Chinese weddings (more precisely the traditional Hanfu wedding).
    The Hanfang wedding (Hanfu wedding, hereinafter referred to as Han wedding) and most wedding companies said that Chinese weddings are completely different. Same. At present, Han wedding is relatively niche in the wedding market, so many wedding companies think of Chinese weddings when they hear that newcomers proposed to get Han wedding.
    The Chinese weddings, I believe many people have understood it, it is roughly the so -called Chinese elements stacked such as modern and improved flag installations. The etiquette chose some piles together.
    The wedding in Han is different. Aside from the form of wedding dresses in various generations, the ceremonies of each generation of weddings are also different. In other words, the weekly wedding has a weekly wedding ceremony. As for the wedding ceremony of these dynasties and generations, if you want to know, please use the commonly used search engine to find it. Xiaobian will not repeat them one by one!
    PS: Because there were some friends left a message and the editor, I have controversially controversial the costumes of Hanfu costumes. After all, it is not rigorous to say. so. Essence Essence
    It finished some basic knowledge, here is a common misunderstanding of Hanfu.
    The studio in the costume drama you see is not Hanfu!
    It important things to say three times.
    As for the difference, I believe that as long as you use the commonly used search engine to search for the difference and Hanfu, there will be a lot of popular science stickers. The friends who want to know can search by themselves. OK, then briefly introduce this before the prediction. Next, we will generally analyze what knowledge needed for a Han wedding! Xiaobian simply ruled it.
    1. Determine the dynasties
    Now, more and more people have a certain understanding of Hanfu. But when it comes to detail, many people are not enough about Hanfu, not to mention that everyone can have a detailed understanding of the differences in the form of Hanfu in the past dynasties. Therefore, if you want to get a Han wedding, new people must first clarify what form they want.
    It simple and general speaking:
    The weeks of Han wedding clothes are black;
    The wedding dress of the Han Dynasty is still red and black;
    The groom's red clothes, and the bride's main color is green clothes);
    The wedding wedding seems to have done less with the same robe, I don't have much information here, just press it; A red began in the Ming Dynasty. Feng Guanxia was very beautiful. Of course, the wedding dress in the Ming Dynasty is not only a wedding dress in red. In the "Q version of the Daming Dai Guan Map" of the owner of the Fang Fang, there are very detailed display of the Ming Dynasty wedding dress:
    People choose the Ming Dynasty weddings, and many newcomers like the Tang system, and it is not uncommon for Han wedding in the Han Dynasty.
    2. Do a good job of budget
    The budget for any wedding. What we can pursue is the best effect in the budget.
    The budget of Han wedding is not much different from ordinary wedding budgets. Except for the wedding dress and instrument, it is not much different from ordinary weddings.
    After all, no one can expect 5,000 yuan to achieve a wedding effect of 50,000 yuan. If the budget is done, you can control the cost of expenditure in all aspects of the wedding, and it will not be easily fooled.
    3. Customize or find a reliable merchant pre -renting Han wedding dress
    Han -style wedding dress if you need to customize it. Ordinary people don't know enough about this.
    The production period of Hanfu, and the construction period of Hanfu wedding dress is usually longer. It depends on how long the store you want to customize the wedding dress is three or five months. The year is normal.
    It also pay attention to the leased Chinese -style wedding dress. You can understand two aspects in advance:
    1 is the shape and evaluation of the shop to see if it is an orthodox Hanfu wedding dress, eliminating those studio -style clothes leasing Merchants;
    The second is to come to see clothes and talk about prices. Hanfu wedding clothing is a more delicate workmanship. Now there are some Hanfu merchants to find a fabrics by themselves. For example Weaving gold -like fabric. Therefore, it is not ruled out that some merchants "hanging sheep's head selling dog meat", new people must determine these important matters.
    4. Understand the wedding customs
    During the marriage process, we must also understand what the Chinese wedding you want to host. This is very important. Essence In the process of understanding the wedding ceremony, new people are also constantly learning our traditional culture. I believe that new people will also fall in love with traditional Chinese marriage in this process.
    The most important thing is that only the new people can talk to the wedding company to talk about what the Han wedding you want, what is the difference from the Chinese wedding, and the specific wedding detail.
    5. Finding a wedding company confirmation plan
    Is from the current status of many wedding companies in China, most areas do not have professional Hanfu wedding teams to organize new people’s wedding wedding, so the new people have already been themselves themselves themselves themselves After clarifying the needs, go to a reliable wedding company and negotiate with them what the wedding you want to do is specifically. To give the wedding company a clear idea, don't throw them all to the wedding company to do it, it is easy Cup 杯.
    6. Ask the details of the details
    For the details of the wedding arrangement, the new people must also be attentive, especially the wedding company that is not mature enough to be a Han wedding. It also means that it is easy to make a fork, and the new people need to control the details by themselves.
    7. Finding reliable lights and four major King Kong
    is important! Lighting is important! Lighting is important!
    For Han wedding, if your wedding preparation has been done very well in the early stage, the cloth field is also beautiful, don't regret the light. If the lights are not good and dark, the whole wedding may have a gloomy atmosphere. Even if this is not good, if the lights are not good, the photographer can't shoot you too much. After all, the clever woman is difficult to cook without rice. The lighting is really important for Han wedding.
    and our four King Kong (photography hosting and makeup) is also very important, especially the host (司 仪) is more understandable or can do well in the Han wedding ceremony. High requirements, for example, the hairstyle of the Mingming wedding usually except for the phoenix crown, many brides will choose Di Duo head and face. "
    So the wedding also has some related knowledge with makeup. For another example, the wedding of the Tang system is held, so how to maintain the makeup surface of the Tang Dynasty wedding also needs to be understood.
    It photography, find good reputation, it is best to have more senior photographers with more works. The method of finding reliable camera photography is to watch the works taken by these photographers, and good photography can provide the greatest guarantee for their wedding shooting.
    If about wedding dresses, or dry goods in other industries (such as fitness running), wedding skills, and even marriage emotions, you can ask the editor to ask questions, let us discuss, and at the same time Will try their best to give professional and effective answers.

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