What should I pay attention to when storage of jewelry?

Different jewelry nature is also different. Can Pojin and gold be put together? Can gold and jade be placed together? What details should be paid attention to when storing jewelry?

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  1. 1. The security of gold jewelry is very important. Most people have a safe to store valuables and put gold jewelry in the safe.
    2, do not spread gold jewelry, it is easy to forget the storage point for a long time.
    3, when stored in gold jewelry, each piece of jewelry must be packed separately. Do not mix with other metal jewelry such as silver, prone to replacement reactions, resulting in golden decline.
    4, gold jewelry should be stored in a dry and light -proof environment to prevent light oxidation in the position.
    The expansion information:
    Or ornament maintenance method:
    The common rules of jewelry maintenance: light and light, avoid collision and friction, contact with high temperature and acid, alkaline solution, often check to prevent gems from preventing gems Fall off. Regularly go to the specialty store to check the jewelry, whether the claws are bent, or whether the trading is deformation, the craftsman will do the necessary care and maintenance for your jewelry, and will answer the problems that occur during the jewelry wearing.
    The function:
    Then jewelry has a certain health effect. For example, pearl necklaces can cosmetic health care, convergence of muscle, and skin care. Therefore, after wearing the pearl necklace, many people relieve or assist and cure hyperthyroidism, chronic pharyngitis, eye diseases and other diseases with drugs. Some girls suffer from pre -menstrual tension or menopausal syndrome of the year of life. After wearing the pearl necklace, they can alleviate the symptoms of irritability, excitement, anger, insomnia.
    Reference materials Source: People's Daily-physical gold investment storage is more secure for diversified storage.

  2. Jewelry
    The jewelry of perfume-pearl
    Pearls are very delicate, and there are a lot of knowledge in cleaning maintenance.

    1. Stay away from the kitchen

    The surface of pearls has a small pores, so it should not be allowed to inhale the dirty substance in the air. Pearls can absorb eruption, perfume and other substances. So do not wear beautiful pearls to electrode, be careful in the kitchen. Do not wear beautiful pearls to cook vegetables, steam and oil fume can penetrate pearls and make it yellow.

    2. Sheepskin wait

    In after wearing pearls (especially on hot days), the pearl must be cleaned before putting it well. It is best to use sheepskin, do not use noodle paper, because some noodle paper frictions will wear pearls.

    3. No nearly clear water

    do not clean the pearl necklace with water. Water can enter the small hole of the beads. It is not only difficult to dry, but it may also ferment inside, and the bead thread may also turn green. If you have a lot of sweat when you wear, you can use a soft and wet towel to clean it carefully, and save it after air drying.

    4. Need air

    do not put the pearl in the safe for a long time, and do not seal it with a rubber bag. Fresh air is needed between pearls, and every few months should be taken out to make them breathe. If the pearls in the box are easy to turn yellow for a long time. (The old pearl is yellow, that's what you say.)

    5. The maintenance of the bead chain

    does not hang the bead chain for a long time.

    The long bead chain will knot the line between the beads, which is a good idea. This method can prevent beads and beads from friction. Even if the thread is broken, it can guarantee that the beads will not disperse everywhere and you will only lose one bead.

    6. 3 years of changing lines

    The best skew up every 3 years, of course, depending on the number of wearables. Entering the dirt into the small hole of the beads will cause friction, which will break the nylon thread, and the disconnected position is close to the button.

  3. Precautions for jewelry storage:
    1. After the jewelry is made of a certain wipe, you can put it in the jewelry box to save.
    2. For gem jewelry, take a bowl of warm water before preservation, and add a few drops of neutral detergent in the appropriate amount, and then use a cotton (or small brush, such as old toothbrush). jewelry. After the dirt is cleared, then rinse the jewelry in another bowl of water, and then dry it in a ventilated place to restore its bright face. quality.
    3. When the yellow jade, amethyst, Opal and other jewelry are dirty, do not wash with warm water. Use a brush dipped in soapy water to wash, and then wash it with water. There are places for spring devices such as necklaces, earrings, pendants, etc., and should also be cleaned and lubricated before saving to keep it clean and flexible.
    4. For gem jewelry, placing gemstones should be placed upwards to avoid contact with other hard objects. If you have a clean soft cloth, you can wrap it gently and place it in the jewelry box. It is also necessary to remind you not to save the jewelry boxes in the same jewelry box in order to save it. This can easily cause the jewelry to collide with each other.

  4. Let the jewelry often wear the nine details of the new new
    1. Wash the jewelry with toothpaste? Error !!
    The saying in the jewelry circle: Use a toothbrush to brush the jewelry with toothpaste, the jewelry that can be used seems Bright as new. Cleaning jewelry should be, but toothpaste is not ideal, because toothpaste contains fine high hardness grinding particles, these particles are small but hardness is as high as six or seven degrees (almost the same as crystal), so cleaning jewelry with toothpaste It will damage the surface of the gemstone with low crystal hardness, especially pearl, gold, and K gold surface; pearls are absolutely avoided. The most correct washing solution should be diluted neutral interface active agents (such as salads and baby shampoo).
    2. Do not touch it often
    Jewelry to wear on the body can be protected. It seems simple and not easy. Many people see the jewelry beautiful and charming. The gloss and brightness.
    The people's body from time to time excrete sweat and oil on the surface of the skin. The hands are the easiest to touch the body part. Therefore, the oil on the skin is often contaminated on the surface of the hand. It is easy to stay on the gemstone, and affect the gloss and brightness of the gemstone. Especially diamonds are liquid gemstones, which are prone to oily quality on the surface, which greatly affects gloss. But the jadeite white jade belongs to the collection structure, and often touch it can make the jade more moist and cute.
    3. Tap water damage pearl luster
    Pling after wearing pearls several times and wanting to clean and maintain. Nothing. Because there is a fixed content of chlorine (C1) in tap water, it will damage the gloss of the surface of the pearl. In fact, the pearl should be the most ideal with mineral water.
    It, wash it to the bank after wearing a pearl to be washed and maintained before the storage box of the bank, so as not to change the dirt for too long in the future. However, the bank's storage box that keeps the banknote and documents. Because of the low relative humidity, its storage conditions are not suitable for gems such as pearls such as pearls. Therefore, it is necessary to remove it every other time.
    4. Take off timely, that is, maintenance
    Profting jewelery to be diligent in replacement or removing in the correct wearing jewelry depending on people, things, time, land, and things, but for busy modern people, it may be possible no way. But at least when washing your hands, it is best to remove it, because some soap contains alkaline substances to varying degrees, which may cause a kind of harm to the more vulnerable gemstones, and the soap in the soap is also easy to get stuck in the ring on the ring. In the fine seams, it greatly affects the gloss and brightness of the gem. Moreover, bathing, doing housework, swimming, etc., can easily hurt the gemstone.
    5. Be careful to use the ultrasonic cleaner
    Themop wave washing machine for the jewelery of K golden gemstone and K -gold cleaning functions. , Clean the oil stains that the brush cannot be brushed. However, ultrasonic cleaning machines are not suitable for all gems, such as emerald, pearls, etc. Special structures such as ultrasound cleaning will destroy its structure when cleaning, so it should be absolutely avoided. In addition, although the ultrasonic cleaner is good, it should not be used often because it is easy to use. If it is used too frequently, it is easy to make the small drill unable to pass through multiple shocks and loosen or even fall.
    6. Pay attention to the sour and alkaline substances
    We from our daily life or certain substances in food contains different concentrations of acid or alkali, and these different concentrations of acid -alkali chemicals may damage the damage Gems, especially pearls; or other organic gems. The use of cosmetics in daily life should be avoided as much as possible.
    In on weekdays, you should make up and spray perfume before wearing jewelry to avoid higher concentrations of cosmetics or perfumes directly contact the jewelry surface. Essence
    7. Pay attention to the order of jewelery
    Is when wearing claws inlaid jewelry or ring, avoid hooking clothes and leather bags. In case of hooking to clothes, although it does not cause the main stone to fall off immediately. Generally speaking, the order of jewelry should be worn after wearing clothes before wearing jewelry. Imagine that wearing a claws inlaid with a single diamond ring, and then dressing and wearing stockings. Is it a dangerous thing for clothing, stockings and gems?
    News have many inlaid methods. The inlaid method of the clothes is inlaid, but the bag inlaid wraps the entire waist circumference to make the light from entering. Moreover, because the K gold part is used more, the visual effect is not as charming as the paw inlaid, so now the jewelry The most popular in the market is still the main claws, but it should be paid attention to the order of wearing.
    8. The wonderful use of a small jewelery bag
    Y You may have heard some people remove the jewelry on the sink because of the washing hands, accidentally drop the ground to hurt, or slide into the drainage tank; In fact, this is not a good thing, but such a crisis can be avoided.
    Is when you buy jewelry, the jewelry shop will give you a small jewelry box to put the jewelry inside, making the jewelry look beautiful. After many people take out jewelry, the jewelry box is placed in the drawer at home without using it. This is a pity. In fact, this small jewelry box has its own wonderful use. It is small and does not occupy the place. It can be carried with you. When you wash your hands, you can take the ring and put it in the jewelry box. Reduce the chance of loss of jewelry ring. So don't think of trouble, take a small ring box with you!
    9. Carefully check the jewelry
    The busy modern consumers often take off the jewelry after returning home, put it in the jewelry box, When you think about it next time, take it out and wear it. Jewelry is used in this way. Maybe you rarely look at it. It takes a little more time to take care of your jewelry can greatly reduce the crisis. For example, is the jewelry small diamond stable without loosening? Is the pearl necklace tied firmly? Is the elasticity of the card lock in the pinch of the pinching earrings? Or the screw is poor? …and many more.

  5. Diamond jewelry must be stored separately
    . Although diamonds are extremely hard -high accessories, if we are not stored properly, it will still cause a certain degree of damage to it. So, how to maintain diamond jewelry?
    1. Diamond ornaments should be stored separately when not worn to avoid scratches from each other between diamonds.
    2. Wash the diamond every half a month or a month. The specific method is to soak the diamond ornaments in warm water for an hour or half an hour, and then rinse with water. Color stone jewelry does not have to worry about radiation.
    If experts suggest that most of the natural color stones are not radiated. The remaining color stones with radiation are small and can be ignored because the volume is small and the radiation amount is small, so it is safe to the body.

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