How to spice up your sex life?

A sexy lingerie and sexx doll can make a woman glamorous and add a lot of fun to sex. Like shopping for any other piece of clothing, there is a certain amount of care involved in shopping for sexy lingerie, and it's the right one that works best. Sarah Shotton, chief lingerie designer at British Secret Service, has taken to to teach women how to choose the right lingerie.

How to choose the right sexy underwear

Don't just go for black

Black underwear is sexy, but consider the color and style of your hair before you buy it. If sex dolls for cheap hair are black, consider buying a Burgundy bra; If your hair is on the red or yellow side, consider a light pink bra. ​short hair can buy bright underwear, long hair is recommended dark.

Coordinate your bra with your figure

If you have a slight bust size, go for a 1/4 cup. This will make your breasts stand up and expose your nipples. If you have large breasts, opt for an unlined bra that pulls in your cleavage so they don't sag.

Attention to Detail

Delicacy is a symbol of taste. Don't buy cheap, coarse underwear. It will make you extremely uncomfortable. Look at the details. Don't tear it right after you put it on.

Try a garter belt

If you don't understand what it is, look it up on the Internet. This is a different kind of sexy underwear that will make your waist look smaller and your hips more curvy.

How to choose different types of underwear

The chest is flat and diffused.​

Features: large base area, low height, not obvious curve.

Choose a 1/2 cup or 3/4 cup steel buttress bra. It helps the chest muscles from both sides of the inward focus, and has the effect of upward support. To enhance the force to push back to the center, deepen the cleavage and spread to the two sides and midsection of the stomach to absorb the fatty, rather than choose a dump bra.

Small breasts

Characteristics: The base area is slightly small, the height is low, is jiao small chest.

Choose a bra with a seamless cup to make-up for the lack of height and make the camber natural and even; ​or choose a 1/2 cup, 3/4 cup steel bracket or plug-in bra.

The bust is moderately droopy.​

Features: moderate bottom area, elevated height, but the breast muscle slack, sagging, basically belong to the women who have given birth. Look for a bra that is a size larger than usual, has a sharply rising cup Angle, is a deeper cup, completely embraces full breasts, and has solid support at the bottom. The shoulder straps on both sides should be slightly wider and slightly shorter to tighten some, in order to increase the strength of the upward support to improve the breast level. With underwire and butterfly wings of the bra, make it foil, from the bottom to the top of the support, can improve the position of the breast. When wearing should pay attention to the breast satisfactorily stuffed into the cup.

The chest is tall and full.​

Features: This body shape looks like the upper body is more rounded.

If the bra is worn improperly, it is easy to make the breasts out of shape and affect the body shape. Therefore, it is best to choose the teardrop-shaped cup, and pay attention to the breast ideally stuffed into the cup when wearing, so that the chest outline is more obvious and the breast fitness shape is maintained.

The chest is moderately diffused.​

Features: Large base area, moderate height.

Look for underwire bras with a 3/4 cup or full cup size. Soft strips and elastic fabric are added to the rib to enhance the concentration effect. 3/4 cup with thin lining, full cup with lining without lining can be used, but be careful to choose the correct size and cup capacity.

No matter your body type, if you choose the right bra, you can not only make it a part of your skin, but also hide your flaws, create more attractive curves, and boost a woman's confidence.

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