Why is Yukun, a Chinese jade massage roller used by 200 million Americans, so popular?

Jade facial massagers have gained unheard-of popularity in recent years. What's the story behind it? Make this jade shaving stick famous all over the world!

Is Jade massage roller truly useful for facial skin care at home?

What is Jade Facial massager and when did it appear? According to statistics, more than 200 million people in the United States have purchased jade massagers in recent years, and the beauty gadget is now among the top 10 most popular skin care inventions in the country. jade roller wholesale is available here.

Jade massage roller What is its secret?

Well, there's no secret. ​The Jade Massager is a totally simple device that consists of a handle and a tiny stone roller that allows you to perform massage motions. Jade massagers can come in different shapes and sizes - from a tiny gouache scraper to a textured double-sided roller Jade is a semi-precious stone that, according to experts, has numerous useful properties.

The gadget became widely popular thanks to a girl blogger who bought it in order to take lovely photos. Since then, its value has more than tripled and its circulation has exceeded all expectations. But really, the jade massager is not a modern tool. It was used in beauty rituals as early as the 17th century in China. According to some sources, even earlier - as early as the 7th century. Only aristocrats and wealthy ladies could use the device.

Fortunately, things have changed dramatically today, and if you're going to try this incredible gadget for yourself, it doesn't require any special effort, let alone an costly investment. Useful properties of Jade Massager for Face and mood As experts say, any semi-precious stone has its own effects on the human body: some of them give confidence, others attract love or excellent luck in business.

Jade as a special stone foreigners also want?

It relieves anxiety and gives a sense of calm and regularity. It is commonly used in meditation and spiritual practice. If we talk about stone in terms of beauty, then it is perfect for conditioning, cooling and relaxing the skin. This is simply the "top" of its useful properties.

Why are jade massagers also popular?

Activates lymphatic flow and stimulates blood flow. Eliminate bags and dark circles under the eyes. To combat cramps, especially headaches. Neutralize inflammation and rashes. Even out the facial tone to freshen and rest it. Eliminate increased facial swelling. Soothing and gives a feeling of youthful skin.

Others claim jade facial massages do extra - they stimulate collagen production and entirely remove expression lines within a few weeks of daily massage.

Jade massager can not only be used for facial jade massage, it really have a magic effect?

I'd love to believe the best, but let's be honest - Jade massage is necessary and useful, but you shouldn't expect it to work miracles. The stone will not eliminate wrinkles, let alone improve collagen synthesis in the body. And all because the effect of any massage is to improve lymph and blood flow, nothing more.

The biggest function of the Jade massager is to alleviate the worsening of chronic diseases, such as psoriasis. Please note: If you do not expect enough from the jade roller, then use it if you are concerned about puffiness or bags under your eyes. When faced with such a problem, the massager is sure to handle it. And, of course, don't forget: you'll see the first results of using the Jade massager in 2-3 weeks, and that's if you do it every day or every other day.

Now it's more specifically about the pros and cons of buying this gadget. The argument is "against" inexpensive but effective remedies. For your information, the jade roller is inexpensive, which means it will not exceed the budget. But its effectiveness has been proven, especially if your facial problems are not serious. It's not a panacea. You should not expect miracles from the jade massager. If you have deep wrinkles or poor skin condition, a roller is not sufficient.

Is there no contraindication to using jade roller massager?

Jade massagers are unlikely to cause harm - it has no side effects and does not cause intolerance in anyway.

The only contraindications are severe facial inflammation. Rules of use. If you do not use the massager regularly, you will not see results quickly, if at all. So take time for yourself and don't be lazy!

Use tips: How to use a jade massage machine properly?

I think how to do facial massage, with the jade massager, also can easily master massage. It's sufficient to understand the general rules and procedures, and remember: it's worth moving specifically along the massage line. To this end, there is a protocol that should be followed in most of the instructions for the massager.

Step 1: Wash your face. Of course, massage can only be done after you remove your makeup and fully wash your face. Otherwise, you may "reward" an infected person.

Step 2: Apply the serum or oil to your face. Most of the time, argan oil or serums containing hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, etc. are used as a base for massage. Here, look at the condition of the skin and choose the appropriate remedy.

Step 3: Massage. Draw the massager along the massage line as planned. Choose 3-4 actions for each area. They should be soft, not too strong. A large roller is used for the forehead, cheeks and chin, and a smaller roller is used for the nose and under the eyes.

Step 4: Wash the massager. At the end of the program, water should be used to wash the drum and dry it.

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