Safety practice for human and cargo elevators

People and cargo elevators are commonly used in construction sites, in the construction of vertical transport use, and have the function of carrying people and cargo transport. Only when we understand its operating procedures can we use it better. You can pull behind cherry picker.

Lubricate and check electrical brakes, safety devices and wire rope for excellent condition before use.

Before starting, make sure that the cable and grounding cable are intact and the control switch is at zero position. After the power supply is connected, the voltage should be checked and confirmed to be normal, and no leakage should be tested. Should test and confirm each limit device, ladder cage, enclosure door and other electrical coupling device excellent mouth, electrical meter sensitive and effective.

In the first load operation of each shift, when the ladder cage rises 1~2m from the ground, the brake should be stopped to test the reliability; ​when the brake effect is found to be poor, it should be adjusted or repaired before running.

c1c480ffa0017cd387bc4a42c04de27eDo not use people when going up and down. When the elevator is above, no person can enter the bottom floor.

When taking people or carrying goods in the ladder cage, the load should be evenly distributed and not heavy.

When the lift runs to the top or bottom, it is forbidden to use the travel limit switch as the control switch to stop running.

When the lift is in operation due to power failure or other reasons and stopped, manual descent can be carried out, the motor tail brake electromagnet manual release handle slowly outward pull out, so that the ladder cage slowly slides down. When the ladder cage is sliding, it must not exceed the rated operating speed, and the manual descent must be controlled by professional maintenance personnel.

After operation, the ladder cage should be reduced to the bottom, the control switch to zero, cut off the power supply, lock the switch box, and close the ladder cage door and enclosure door.

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