1 thought on “Can I issue a VAT special invoice for buying Chow Tai Fook gold?”

  1. if you buy Chow Tai Fook gold, you can issue a special VAT invoice

    gold jewelry can be invoiced. Gold jewelry can be invoiced with special VAT invoice and general VAT invoice. The invoice can be used for deduction. Generally, it is better to fill in the name of gold jewelry when the invoice is issued, so that the gold jewelry can be exchanged for a new one in the future. Article 10 of the provisions on the use of special VAT invoices: general taxpayers who sell goods or provide taxable services shall issue special invoices to the purchaser

    precautions for purchasing gold jewelry

    there should be a formal tax invoice for purchasing gold jewelry. The name, quality, weight, etc. of the jewelry should be indicated on the jewelry document. In addition, the gold price of the day should be clearly recorded for future inquiry

    carefully check whether the jewelry has burrs, whether the chain body is straight, and whether the buckles, interfaces and ear clips are safe. When buying gold jewelry, you should pay attention to the use of solder in order to make the clasp of the bracelet, the joint of the earrings and other parts more solid. The color of the part with solder should be lower

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