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  1. You can also compile bracelets without buying things.
    It gold shop opens the door to do business, and customers are God. Even if the guests do not buy jewelry in the store, they still have to serve enthusiastically to meet the customer's requirements. When this guest experiences the high -quality service in the store, if there is a need to buy gold ornaments, the gold shop will be given priority, and the evaluation of employees and stores will be passed on to others, bringing some potential guests.
    This information
    Gold shops to attract customers:
    1, hungry marketing
    This is a method that merchants usually adopted, so that customers can produce "I didn't buy enough" or "buy it. The psychology of too little ", thus winning the return of customers, indirectly increase the popularity of the mall.
    2. Holding large -scale events
    often in large -scale activities, not only children are interested, some adults will stop to watch. If they do well in the early stage, the effect will be better.
    3, discount discount
    The membership card for customers, giving a certain discount, customers will recognize this store. You can also use coupons, gift cards, etc. to increase passenger flow.
    4, network marketing
    now the Internet is very convenient. You can open a public account to guide customers to subscribe. Then push more discount promotions, reduce prices and other activities in the public account.
    5. Let customers keep pleasure during shopping
    In the shopping process of customers, always keeping customers a pleasant mood (except for the negative emotions generated by marketing methods). Customers come again.
    6. Establishing word of mouth
    If a shopping mall has a good reputation in the local area, it will attract local guests to shop. This also allows customers to propagate each other, which will bring "customers" to "customers".

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