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  1. Marc Jacobs launched the Marc Jacobs DAISY daisy perfume in early autumn of 2007. This blooming daisy is inspired by design inspiration, soft and beautiful, different from the rich style before Marc Jacobs. Fragrance: Fresh flower incense, soft flower incense before flavor: wild strawberry, violet leaves, pink grapefruit in the pink grapefruit: gardenia flowers, violet, jasmine rear flavor: musk, vanilla, treasure from New York, talented Marc Jacobs is the United States, the United States is the United States The youngest winner of the Fashion Designer Association Perry Ellis Designer Rookie Award, has been the art director of Louis Vuitton since 1997. In 1997, MARC Jacobs set up a brand in its own name. Between LV and its own brands, they have the same elements, all focusing on quality, nobleness and beauty. Its design concept won countless beauty hearts because of elegance, luxury and sexy. The popularity made him a classic indicator! Several perfumes launched by Marc Jacobs have always been inspired by his most cherished gardenia and jasmine. In 2007, the newly launched Marc Jacobs DAISY little daisy female light perfume, Daisy's bottle body design broke away from the impression of the perfume bottle. The fragrance bottle was made of elegant crystal glass. A daisy. The aroma of gardenia, jasmine petals and violets exudes a pure atmosphere, allowing you to be in the garden, soft and beautiful, suitable for girls with cheerful and sunny atmosphere. Marc Jacobs's perfume is like its clothes, noble, concise, and full of naughtyness of little girls. The mature and playful perfume is the DAISY perfume that let the entire editorial department fall. It's just that the packaging design is enough to attract the eyeball-MJ classic simple bottle body, but with a cute and pure daisy. If you want to catch the last summer sun, if you are mature and cute and mature women, it is estimated that this bottle Perfume will hold you firmly. Daisy, like sunlight, from Marc Jacobs, Daisy reflects the youthful vitality: sunlight, happiness, freedom, positive, and generous. Daisy leads you into a victory, there are unrestrained, pure and clean.

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