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  1. The computer version of Xiaoqi accompaniment is an excellent online classroom learning software that can learn knowledge remotely through the computer. Through this software student, you can view all subject homework and support online homework. At the same time, it also provides students with a large amount of homework test database. It can upload the entire test paper and facilitate students to answer online. After the results are released Through the teacher's correction situation and the standard answers and analysis, it can help students make up for weak knowledge points in time, so that students' learning effects can be significantly improved. Interested users can download and use.
    M Xiaoqi accompanied by PC version
    software advantages

    1. View homework
    The students need to bind to complete information, schools, grades, classes and other information. After the homework, you can view the assignments arranged by all subject teachers through the software.
    2. Online answers
    Id the objective questions online click to complete the selection. Subjective questions support the upload of photos. The operation is simple and convenient, which can improve students' answering efficiency. After the homework is completed, click [Sub -homework], and the teacher can receive the students' answers.
    3, check the review
    After being submitted by the teacher, the students can check their answers and the teacher's review record. Clearly know the right or wrong you answered.
    4, grade analysis
    This can view their detailed scores in the software, and the standard answers and analysis released by the teacher to help students accurately locate the answer to the questions, and check the missing shortage in time in the lesson.
    The computer version of the computer version of Xiaoqi accompaniment

    1, decompressing the downloaded file;
    2, download and install the night god Android simulator, there are detailed installation instructions;
    Download address: //m.ddoooo.com/softdown/69290.htm

    3, after installing the Android simulator, select APK right -click to run with noxplayer (Night God Simulator); N
    4, then wait a while, wait for the software to install in the simulator, and then you can run on your computer.

    How how to take the exam

    . After registering with the mobile phone number, log in, enter the home page, you will see the test task arranged by the teacher;

    . After clicking the test task, you can see the picture of the test questions. Because the test picture is relatively small, you may not be able to see it. You can zoom in after clicking the picture;

    . Click to enter the answer card. Reminder the requirements of "Subjective Questions", click to know to officially start answering questions;

    . Click the corresponding option according to the question number to become a green representative;

    5. Subjective questions require students to write on the paper first. Be sure to write neatly, and then upload it to the corresponding question number. The picture can be shifted in the lower left corner;

    . After the answer is submitted, click the hand in the upper right corner to submit it. R n Seven. You can see that the interface after submitting, the options have changed color and cannot be modified. If the subjective questions are not submitted, the student will be prompted not to answer when the classroom is scheduled.

    The features

    1. Support is connected with [Seven Days Network] teacher.
    3, after reviewing the calculation results, support each question score of viewing and subjective questions
    4, after reviewing the calculation score, support the standard answer to the job
    update log

    Xiaosa School Computer Version v1.7.2 Update log
    1, subjective questions support upload two pictures
    2, online test answering card new countdown tips
    3, known questions repair, user experience optimization optimization

  2. The method of downloading things on the computer is as follows:
    The material: browser software, computer connecting the network.
    1, open the computer browser.
    2. Enter the name of what you need to download, such as "QQ".
    3, select the search options to enter the download website. click to download.
    4. Select the file storage position in the pop -up window and click to save.
    5, the waiting file is downloaded.
    I., what you need to download will be stored on the computer
    The computer is widely used, and it is convenient and fast, which is well received by people.
    , for example, it can facilitate us to collect information.
    Is when we want to do a special work, but lack of information. As long as we browse the Internet online,
    can immediately find a lot of information related to the special practice, which is very convenient.
    It can improve students' language level through the computer. Now there is a "Daily Daily" reading program on the interconnection. We can read a high -quality article on the Internet only five to ten minutes per day and complete the lesson and complete the class. After practicing.
    This, accumulation, our Chinese level can definitely be greatly improved. If students encounter places that they do not understand, as soon as they get on the Internet, someone will solve the problem for us.
    The computers can let us know many extracurricular knowledge. Teachers let us find the information. If there is no book, we can use the computer to be convenient and practical.
    This can also be ordered by computers.
    can also be used as slides. Blog computers can also control production, pass information, etc.
    . At present, middle school students use computer status analysis: In today's society, the development of computers has made rapid progress, almost every family in the city, almost every family in the city With a computer, our life is inseparable from a computer. We are known as the "new generation".
    The indispensable part of the learning life is the computer.
    The members of our project group believes that the use of computers in middle school students using computers mainly uses the following uses:
    It for learning (including painting, writing), playing games (including admiring music, watching movies), and surfing the Internet.
    and the following uses are mainly used: online learning, checking information, playing games (including appreciation of music, watching movies), chat and dating, and so on.
    In statistics, the proportion of time spent to play games is the largest, almost 60 %.
    . The positive role of computers on the growth and progress of middle school students:
    The is already a very common thing to use computers in middle school students, but there are advantages and disadvantages of it. The computer is easily accepted by our middle school students. R n is mainly manifested as:
    1. It is an important way for computers to quickly master many aspects of knowledge. Computers have become an important source of knowledge.
    Men information about major libraries around the world can be obtained through the computer. It not only checked fast, but also saves a lot of extra costs.
    The information such as news, materials, entertainment, literature and other information. On the Internet, we can see the latest, fastest, and most authoritative news on the Internet. You can learn the knowledge that is not on the book and learn more widely unknown information. The painting is the same, it is easy to attract our attention.
    The big copy of the British Encyclopedia, a small CD can be done. There is also a new teaching method of "online school". Teachers in the "online school" teach you single. The constraints are very helpful for the freedom of our middle school students.
    3, computer is a useful tool for strengthening communication. At present, almost all middle school students are only children. In addition to we usually have a lot of time in school, and we can chat in other communication websites such as chat rooms or OICQ through computers. In this virtual world,
    each respectively Talking about their favorite topics, regardless of young and old, regardless of their careers, as long as they think of similar interests, they can vomit their hearts. This is an excellent opportunity for us to eager to be friends, to be craving for friendship, and to talk about us. We talk happily on the Internet and get the relaxation and liberation of the mind.

  3. Install Android simulator on the computer, such as: night god, galloping, blue stack software, and then download the small seven scholarship app, install the app on the simulator, you can use it on the computer

  4. This is the mobile phone APP
    can be used on the mobile phone
    and then select the blank box above, enter the application to download and mobile game name
    and then find the application or mobile game. Just download and install

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