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    Links: Pan./-ZVA R N extract code: U8TR "Little Seven, and Slow" is a martial arts network in serialized Novel, the author is You Ruo Breeze.

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    . Song House is not large, but it is very delicate.
    The dark red door, coming in is a wide corridor, connecting a wide and narrow green brick path, and straight to the second to the yard. The yard in front of this is not empty. On both sides of the blue brick trail, winter green and red rose reflected. Just after the Dragon Boat Festival, it is another season when the rose blooms.
    is empty because there are few people in the yard. Except for the little sister who sitting in front of the courtyard, he can no longer find a second person.
    Compared with the second, the second yard is more lively. After entering the small door, you can see the open space on the west. Two old moms are put on clothes and occasionally talk about a few words.
    The sound of people talking in the house, listened carefully, and the sound of "嘣 嘣 嘣".
    "The lady was only fifteen years old at that time, and my aunt also went to Dangzhi County, Tongxu County. I rode a high -headed Malaysia, wearing the champion red robe, wearing a black gauze hat, so prestigious. There are many ladies and ladies all the way. "
    " Even the lady is fascinated? "A woman with a pink and purple skirt asked.
    "Fans! Why not fascinated! Several ladies threw flowers from the tea house! At that time, the lady was sitting on the window on the second floor of the second floor of Shengding Tea House, but the lady spent ten ...

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