2 thoughts on “Apple Xiaoqi download the universal key prompt to log in to complete the purchase of the purchase”

  1. Apple Xiaoqi download the universal key prompt to log in to complete the purchase because you log in to Apple's small seven universal key consumption purchase procedures. If you operate further, you need to spend money to buy this feature. cost of.

  2. Apple is called Passkeys (universal key) in iCloud Keychain.

    The suggestion means that users can automatically log in to a safe website, for example, only the second Apple device is required.

    The background
    As early as 2020, Apple supported Fido (fast identity online) and announced that it was being tested last year. The company refers its embodiment to the Passkeys in iCloud Keychain, but it is just another name for Fido.

    The explained how Fido will operate before:

    "The suggestion of the Fido alliance is that the trusted device should replace the password. The method of working (2FA) is basically the same. When you try to log in to a new Apple device with Apple ID, the company will send a code to a trusted device, and then the user enters the code.

    In the Apple system, this is an additional step, but the Fido Alliance hopes to replace the password in a similar method-and no need to enter the password.

    For example, if the user tries to record on the iPhone A website, the user will only need to enter the user name, and then it will send an authentication request to other registered devices of the user, such as Apple Watch. Users can simply click on authorization. Similarly, when accessing a service on MAC Be able to authorize approved on the iPhone -

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