5 thoughts on “Why is it prompting risk applications when downloading Xiaodi mobile games in Huawei and Xiaomi mobile phones?”

  1. 1. First add the icon of risk application control with an exclamation mark.

    2, then on the main interface of the mobile phone, find the mobile butler, click on You can enter.

    3, then after entering the new interface, find and click the virus to kill and kill Essence

    4, then enter the new interface, you can see the good application of risks Just click the software.

    5, the final prompt appears, and click on the left to remove the control.

  2. There is no need to control it at all, just ignore it directly. I am playing Xiaoqi. I have played for a few years. Where is the risk application? This prompt will be available on each Android phone. The purpose is to let everyone go to their application market and go to the application market.

  3. It is very simple. Xiao 7 mobile game is also an application platform. Not only is Huawei Xiaomi, it is estimated that Apple OPPO and so on. Not only can't go up, there must be risk prompts during installation to guide users to enter their application market, and the means of business competition is just fine. Just download it on the official website.

  4. Why does it prompt the risk when downloading the small seven mobile games in Huawei, and using this perfect mobile phone to prompt this, there should be a certain risk. The application has a certain wind.

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