5 thoughts on “What good for others to eat for dinner”

  1. As follows:
    1, if it is a collective activity, many people like a party or party to participate in the active atmosphere, you can bring some wine products or drinks.

    2. If you are gathered in your girlfriend, you can bring some desserts while chatting while drinking tea.

    3. If it is an elder, you can send some nutrients or health products.

    4. If you go to the unknown family for the first time, sending flowers or red wine is a good choice. But send flowers carefully.

    5. If you go to the boss's house to be a guest, you must pay attention to the gift. You should not be too shabby. It's best to cast it.
    6. If you are a very familiar friend, you can casually, such as fruits, of course, it is better to be more popular, it is appropriate to be young and old.

    7. If you have children at home, you can bring your children's favorite things, such as toys, snacks.

    8. If the friend's family is rich, you can bring a higher -grade gift, such as high -end gift boxes, such as tea, red wine, tea sets, etc.

  2. The key is to see:
    If nothing is, then you do n’t have to bring things. Anyway, you can return him once;
    If it is the other party ’s birthday, then buy something practical Yes;
    If the rest of the festive things, you need a red envelope!

  3. When others are invited to eat, keep in mind this "three without", otherwise it is easy to be unpopular

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