3 thoughts on “Is the 9.88 grams of gold rings easy to deform?”

  1. The golden ring is one of the easiest styles of gold jewelry, because the use of hand is very frequent, and the gold ring will be squeezed and deformed due to different force during the use of the hand.
    The ring is normal for the ring due to external force and being impacted during the wearing. This is also a common occurrence. The ring needs to be determined after deformation. The jewelry shop purchased for after -sales treatment, the store will allow professional technicians to use professional tools to restore and repair. If it is a solid ring, it can restore the original shape under the repair of technology. Look at the degree of deformation, and some hollow rings are basically not repaired once deformation.
    The style of the gold ring is a variety of, and some rings are very complicated. There are also some hollow styles, but not all the gold rings can be repaired. Once the complex style is crowded, the style is crowded. The pressure deformation is difficult to be repaired, and technicians can only use tools to do restoration, and the unrepaired ring can only be treated with old new treatment.
    The gold ring deforms during the regular wearing process is normal. Many people's rings have more or less deformed. After bringing the gold ring Unrealistic. Unless it is a 18K gold jewelry with a low gold content, it is not easy to deform. If the deformation of the gold ring is not very serious, it can be ignored, and then wearing it. Most people's rings have slight deformation. There is no need to compare the beauty.

  2. The 9.8 gram of the foot gold ring is very large, it is not easy to deform, but what do you want to do? If you are working hard, then you dare not guarantee. If you are a normal normal job, you should not deform

  3. If the golden ring is deformed or scratched, you can just get it in the shop where you buy this golden ring. If it is repairing, it may be damaged, so before you determine the repair, it is best to be the best. I can ask. As I chose a wedding ring to Leves, I have asked in detail in all aspects, and I have asked them. I am afraid that if there is any situation, it is better to deal with it.

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