5 thoughts on “Lin Feng proposed Zhang Xinyue in the toilet. Is it really appropriate to choose to propose in such a place?”

  1. For girls, the sense of ritual is pursued by many girls. Proposal is undoubtedly a very important link in life, and even comparable to the wedding, but recently, "Lin Feng proposed to Zhang Xinyue in the toilet". It is a bit difficult to understand.
    Generally speaking, proposal according to routine is nothing more than the man looking for a restaurant with a ritual, a violinist, a bouquet of flowers, a diamond ring, and a affectionate confession, but Lin Feng obviously does not like this ordinary commoner The routine, love is extremely "surprise".
    In the latest episode of "Wife's Romantic Travel", Zhang Xinyue first exposed Lin Feng's process of proposal to her, which made people cry.
    Zhang Xinyue recalled that on the day of the proposal, Lin Feng deliberately told her to dress up a little more. At that time, Zhang Xinyue had a hopes of premonition. What would be surprising? The two went to a high -end restaurant in Hong Kong to eat steaks together. Lin Feng also drew some makeup and made a beautiful look. The perfect proposal scene that was very looking forward to, but Lin Feng walked forward and deeply Zhang Xinyue in the restaurant. Angry.
    In the two returned home together. Zhang Xinyue walked into the bathroom in the house and opened the door, but found the flowers and balloons in the house. This was really "surprising". When I came to bed, I ran to cry. Then, Lin Feng pulled her hand to the place of proposal he chose, and made a live confession on Zhang Xinyue.
    If to say that the proposal scene, Lin Feng's wedding scene is really difficult to think about, but although the proposal requires a sense of ritual, "surprise" is also one of the important factor. Lin Feng's sword was tilted, although "lack of romance, but the surprise is more than", it is still deeply emotional. This is really a man of proposal full of taste, but after his thoughtful results, it is very meaningful. It is difficult for people to forget for a lifetime. Forgive him, he is dedicated and working hard. This is enough.
    But the praise does not mean that boys are required to learn to propose in the toilet. This is still very hasty and lacks a sense of ritual. After all, proposal is a very romantic thing, and the occasion is really inappropriate now. Choose a more decent occasion, and even the confession has to go through repeated drills. Although there are many uncontrollable factors, the girls do before they get married, and girls will see him in his heart, and more importantly, a mind.

  2. First, the place of proposal is a romantic reality place. There is a pair of lovers who propose toilets. This is a chance to catch the opportunity.
    The young people are too busy, and they need time to meet with love. Love is too secure, and the confession needs to hurry up.
    The happy way to happy enemies, it is also a narrow and interesting relationship between the enemies, and a kind of love companionship is the twilight of the two people.
    The love world of idle love is the gesture of my practice, and the busy and elegant love is a wayy to wish.
    Is do not think that the way of confession is too incredible. Regardless of their own image, a man who is suspicious of his image is to be confessed correctly.
    . The right place where the proposal is appropriate is always high in the romantic world. The inappropriate love has the inappropriate or unsuitable wish. The appropriate proposal is that two people are willing to his fireworks vulgar.
    Mu proposal to BMW Diamonds and can't get a girl's heart. Some people have two beautiful love for marriage bicycle flowers.
    Mu proposal is successful because of his love relationship and a public relationship, and some people fail to propose because of his love.
    The people who like to accept him have nothing, but also accept his brilliant eyes. He does not admire a love world. He can't just be as ordinary as his tall.
    Excellent love can win but countless reality.
    . Proposal will not propose a good proposal will be stranded. If you do n’t know how to love well, you will be delayed. Perfect love becomes humorous love and has a perfect ending.
    Is like a good girl, but proposal chose the toilet. If the girl encounters the right person, it will be scared by the ghosts and the flowers.
    Is encountering a chance to meet, and you can't force the girl to like him suddenly, and girls prefer the perfect environment.
    If proposal must have a sense of rhythm, not just time, the proposal must have a attractive value, not to panic at her.
    The proposal was to move her, instead of throbbing him to left to right.

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