1 thought on “What should I do if there is no invoice in Chinese gold buying gold bracelets”

  1. It doesn't matter if you don't see the gold jewelry invoice. Now the gold recovery is given at the market price, and even if there is no invoice, it will be exchanged or traded.
    If it is a relatively valuable bracelet, you can go to the purchase of the purchased store. If you cannot make an invoice, you can ask them to make a receipt to prove the location and amount of this bracelet. Take the receipt and payment form first, and ask when to have an invoice, and then get it.
    If you do n’t have a small ticket to buy gold, you can ask the waiter in the store. People may have forgotten to get a small ticket to you. This is also understandable, because there will be many people who sell gold. I also bought it.
    Gold buying
    If for wearing, there are many types of gold jewelry varieties on the market for everyone to choose from. "Pure gold" is usually divided into sufficient gold and thousands of gold, the former has a color of 99%, while the latter is as high as 99.9%. Experts suggested that when purchasing gold jewelry in gold shops, it is necessary to ask for a regular tax invoice to indicate: the name of the jewelry, the color, and the weight.
    and the price of general gold jewelry is one-day price, and the daily quotes of each brand may be 10-30 yuan, so investors can compare three companies and make fixed. In addition, because the price of gold jewelry fluctuates with the price of spot gold, and the accessories generally do not have the function of repurchase at the current price, if the conditions are allowed, you can consider purchasing at a lower spot price.

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