5 thoughts on “My boyfriend bought me a diamond ring. If I accept it, it means proposal”

  1. Giving gifts is to give gifts. Proposal is marriage proposal. Of course, it is not the same thing. Of course, if you accept it, everything in the next thing is logical, and you are more passive, so if you have never thought about marrying him. The more expensive gift is best not to accept it. Of course, if you consider it together, you can collect it.

  2. The boyfriend bought a diamond ring for himself. If he accepts it, of course, it represents the other party's proposal. Because the diamond ring basically represents a proposal, as long as it is accepted, it means that his proposal is successful.

  3. Normally, in general, when you buy a diamond ring, you are deeply affectionate. If you are willing to talk about marriage and marriage, buy diamond rings to engage, proposal is okay, unless his family is particularly rich, buy a diamond ring like buying one to buy one The dishes are as simple as, not nothing, maybe it's just a ring, without special significance,

  4. My boyfriend buys you a diamond ring, and the words of your proposal to you are proposal.

    . If you accept it, you promise to marry him, which is the truth.

    is as if you see in a movie or on TV.
    If you love him, promise him, if you don't love him, tell him quickly, don't buy it.

  5. My friend bought you a diamond ring. If you accept it, it will definitely represent him proposal to you. You can accept a diamond ring like him, then you can accept his proposal

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