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  1. The price of gold is 476 yuan, and the price of platinum is 370. Lao Fengxiang, a listed company, a top 500 company in China, a century -old national brand, and a famous jewelry brand in China. Shanghai Laofengxiang Co., Ltd. was developed from the development of Lao Fengxiang Jewelry, which was established in 1848. Its trademark "Lao Fengxiang" comes from the name of Lao Fengxiang jewelry. This is a classic jewelry brand that spans three centuries in China.
    1. Overview of brand development. In recent years, Lao Fengxiang has strived to promote the integration of resource and system, actively start with the brand's advantageous resources, and strive to promote the development of the marketing network in accordance with the brand strategic development policy of "doing excellence, strengthening the fundamental, and bigger goal". Actively adjust the product structure, continuously expand brand propaganda, organize various promotional activities, so that the old Fengxiang brand is well -known in Shanghai, and it is a household name in East China. "Marketing innovation, technological innovation, management innovation and mechanism innovation." Lao Fengxiang inherited and carried forward the excellent tradition and style of the development of enterprises for a half -century. On the one hand, he strives to win the trust of consumers with good reputation, superb skills, high -quality products, and professional services. On the other hand, actively explore the "three innovations and one high" road of new materials, new products, new technologies, and high value -added in the jewelry industry, and realize the double harvest of operating performance and brand building.
    2. Business philosophy: "Win -win sharing" -Coloning the common development of value for shareholders, pioneering the market with customers to achieve a win -win situation, and sharing results with employees to return to society.
    3. Management concept: "Innovation, excellence, synergy, and efficient" focus on the overall development of the enterprise, start with the theme of "strengthening confidence, consolidating people's hearts, strengthening responsibilities, and ensuring benefits". : Promote learning enterprises and cultivate common values. Adhere to the science and education enterprises, and dominate scientific and technological innovation. Relying on scientific management, strengthening the establishment of a harmonious enterprise to build a harmonious enterprise to implement the cultural charm and cultural concept of the strategy of talents and the strategy of talents, the cultural charm and cultural concepts have stimulated the enthusiasm of employees. Employees have integrated personal values ​​into Lao Fengxiang's magnificent development plan. Through people -oriented management, every employee has given birth to greater creative enthusiasm, fully demonstrates his value in the development of Lao Fengxiang, thereby forming a corporate culture with values ​​as the core.
    4. Investment highlights: The leading enterprise in the Chinese -made pen industry has maintained its absolute leading position in the domestic industry's sales level and profitability. Policites are also in the world's leading position. The domestic market share is nearly 40%, and the high -end market monopoly exceeds 80%. The company's well -known brand "Lao Fengxiang" gold and silver jewelry of Shanghai Laofengxiang Co., Ltd., the well -known brand "China Brand" and its holding subsidiary Shanghai Laofengxiang Co., Ltd., all won the title of "China Famous Brand". Yuan. The controlling shareholder Huangpu State -owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) and unanimous actors increased their holdings of 826,200 shares, and Huangpu State -owned Assets SASAC planned to increase its shareholding shares by not exceeding 2%of the total share capital (including increasing shares). The price fluctuations of gold raw materials are still continuing, and the global price of gold fluctuates violently.

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