5 thoughts on “What are the problems when buying gold jewelry?”

  1. Gold jewelry, as valuable items, is expensive, so when purchasing, you must buy at a regular place! Moreover, we must choose big brands, such as Zhou Dafu, Lao Fengxiang, and Gatters of Building. These brands are trustworthy. In addition, when buying gold jewelry, you must also consider personal needs. For leisure, it is recommended to choose hollow bracelets and necklaces. This gesture is fine and more atmospheric to wear. If you are worn in your work, it is recommended that you choose a solid style, because the gold texture is relatively soft, it is easy to deform.

  2. To buy gold jewelry, you need to go to a regular jewelry store for purchase, and you need to buy a qualified certificate.
    The most important thing to buy gold jewelry is to buy a regular gold jewelry store. After all, the big brand's products can basically be said to be real products. The opportunity is not big; when buying a big brand jewelry store, you must ask the other party to show the relevant qualification certificate (labeled photos and weight) and receive valid information such as invoices after purchasing.

  3. As the saying goes: Gold and silver are soft, everyone loves.
    The society today is improved with the quality of life.
    Golden jewelry has also become "Old Wang Xietang Qianyan, flying into the home of ordinary people."
    So when choosing gold jewelry, you should pay attention to three points:
    The first brand is large. I believe that many netizens understand that not only the quality is guaranteed and good after -sales service, it will be able to return to the store in the future.
    The second gold content is sufficient. Test whether gold is a good gold. Pureness is the only reference standard. I would rather buy less and buy sufficient gold. This will have the value of collection.
    In the third to find a store for creation. Netizens who have time can go to the bank to buy gold, go to the store to build, and pay a handicraft fee. It is said that it is nearly 100 yuan cheaper than one gram in the mall.

  4. Because gold jewelry is relatively valuable, its gold content is different, and the colors are different. The red yellow is better, and the gold texture is relatively soft, and the gold jewelry is divided into pure gold and K gold. K gold is an alloy that adds other metals except gold. , So don't be too greedy and avoid buying gold jewelry that does not match the price.

  5. Usually female friends like to buy gold jewelry, or wait for appreciation, collect it. When buying, you must pay attention to the problem of true and false. Personally, you must go to a regular large -scale gold shop, such as the well -known gold shop. For some small shops, it is not recommended to buy it. think.
    It must get a promise letter and warranty book when buying. The credibility card is good. If there is a problem, there is a basis for retreating and repair. Large shops have underwriting, and you can also enjoy regular cleaning and free replacement of chain buckles.

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