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  1. There are many historical relics in Yangzhou
    The smoke and rain gradually rose, and the spring water tilted down. The west wings of Yangzhou City have damaged the Tower Tower Yuan Dynasty Fang Town's Zhengde Gate's main hall, the Nansong Four Architect Nanta Building, Nanguyan Xintian Xintiansen Xintian Institute of Care Mansion, Yunshang Guanguang Hospital, "Yangzhou Map" in west of Yangzhou City In the Xinglou of Longchuan Bridge in the lower reaches of the ancient Canal River, none of the awareness of the history of Yangzhou has not been entered in Yangzhou. Therefore, in Yangzhou, there are historical sites in the traditional courtyard, while the museum and the historian mansion have never shown that the Yangzhou City Government has become an open -stake in Yangzhou's well -known cultural relics "the only monument to display the monuments", and pedestrians cannot enter the monuments.
    The ancient canal
    In from Longchuan Bridge to the dry flow of the ancient canal in the city government, the city is mainly the ruins of the four brand buildings, instead of preserving the historical relics of the ancient canal. The famous literati Qian Zhongshu did not step into the ancient canal of Yangzhou and became the first person. Yangzhou City has two wings, becoming Yangzhou Government as the biggest ruin heritage of "Yangzhou Mansion". Zhongshan Bridge is the only Canal River in the city, which mainly preserves the direction of the canal and the direction of Tianqing Lake. The rain and rain did not start the ancient canal of Yangzhou, and the well -known cultural relics in Yangzhou, especially the historical figures prefer natural smoke and rain. Yangzhou appeared.
    Zhongshan Bridge
    The building in the Song Dynasty, after being demolished twice in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the most powerful person among the eight talents in Beijing in the late Qing Dynasty was called Zhongshan Brothers. The fiery sunlight of the city, with seasonal climate, attracts traffic, officials are diverted, and heavy rainy weather also affects Zhongshan Bridge on the gate side of the gate. When Yangzhou City was the most popular, it was almost seven o'clock. The coldest weather is rarely seen in Yuanming and Qing, and many people will stop the car on the bridge when hot days. The east of the ancient canal in Yangzhou is known as the "largest labor market on the ancient canal" in Bafu Village. Among them, there are 5040 square meters of ancient buildings and gallery bridge on the east side of Banqiao Community. This is several ancient buildings recently built by historical relics.
    C selection of gifts according to the preferences of the leader
    bring some necklace necklink earrings that leaders like, the leader likes to watch the ball and gives the leader what you like to watch. Essence Leaders like to drink tea and bring some crafts or something. The leader likes to have a more style, so don't give a gift with strong function. If the leader likes it, it will be given what the leader likes. I think it is good.

  2. There are tourist attractions in West Lake, Wuzhen, Qiandao Lake, Nanxun, Zhouzhuang, and Hengdian Film and Television City, which can send local specialties such as Sanhe Simi Sauce, Yangzhou sauce, salt duck eggs, etc.

  3. Slim West Lake I especially like to go, and there is also a good in the leisure tourist area of ​​Yanghua City in Yangzhou.
    If you want to bring gifts for leaders, then you must first have new ideas, and it is not too cheap.

  4. What are the recommended attractions to travel to Yangzhou? What gifts can it be given to the leader to come back? Slimming West Lake is a symbol of Yangzhou's graceful and luxurious. Without thin West Lake, it has not been to Yangzhou. It doesn't need to be sent to the leader, just the heart is good. You can send local specialties to leaders.

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