1 thought on “How to match diamond jewelry is the most beautiful? Friends in Langfang gave some suggestions.”

  1. Women have love beauty, and people's admiration of diamond jewelry over the years has reached a certain height. In this Langfang Diamond Baby reminds everyone that the matching of diamonds should still pay attention to certain principles. Do not match it randomly.
    (1) quantitative rules
    The rules of the number of diamond jewelry are less. When necessary, you don't have to wear a piece of jewelry. If you intentionally wear a variety of jewelry at the same time, the upper limit is generally three, that is, it should not exceed three in total. In addition to earrings and bracelets, it is best not to use more than one like wearing similar jewelry. But the bride can be exceptions.
    (2) Color rules
    The rules of color when wearing diamond jewelry is to seek the same color. If you wear two or more or more jewelry at the same time, it should make it consistent. When wearing inlaid jewelry, the main color should be consistent. Do not make several kinds of jewelry you wear, and dress the wearer like a "Christmas tree".
    (3) Sectional rules
    The rules on the time texture of diamond jewelry are to fight for homogeneity. If you wear two or more jewelry at the same time, it should make it the same. When wearing inlaid jewelry, it should be consistent with the inlaid texture, and the bracket should be consistent. The strengths of this work can make it look coordinated in general. In addition, it must be noted that high -end ornaments, especially jewelry, are mostly suitable for grand social occasions, but they are not suitable for worn and leisure.
    (4) Identity rules
    Is when wearing diamond jewelry, the rules on the identity are to make it consistent with identity. When choosing jewelry, we must not only take care of personal hobbies, but also obey my identity. It must be consistent with their gender, age, occupation, and working environment, and it is not advisable to do far.
    (5) Body type rules
    When wearing diamond jewelry, the rules on the body are to avoid the jewelry for their own body shape and avoid weaknesses. When choosing jewelry, you should fully face your own body characteristics, and strive to make the jewelry we wear for your own strengths and avoid weaknesses. Avoiding weaknesses is the focus of them.
    (6) Seasonal rules
    Is when wearing diamond jewelry, the rules on the season are that the jewelry wearing should be consistent with the season. Generally speaking, the seasons are different, and the jewelry wearing should be different. Gold and dark jewelry are suitable for wearing cold seasons, and silver and brilliant jewelry are suitable for warm seasons.
    (7) Matching rules
    When wearing jewelry, the rules of the matching are to try their best to coordinate the clothing. Wearing jewelry should be regarded as a link in the overall clothing. We must take into account the texture, color, and styles of clothing that we wear at the same time, and strive to make it matched and stylish.
    (8) custom rules
    When wearing jewelry, the rules in customs are to observe customs. Different areas and different ethnic groups, the habits of wearing jewelry are mostly different. One is to understand this, and the other is to respect. Dai jewelry does not talk about customs, and it is not possible to do it.
    The understand the principle of wearing diamond jewelry, and finally find the perfect diamonds that are most suitable for you according to some conditions such as your skin color, face shape, and body shape.

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