4 thoughts on “Is the meaning and design concept of diamond ring important?”

  1. · The design of the ring needs to be designed according to different needs, and the meaning of different occasions and methods of wearing is also different. The design of the wedding ring can be carried out according to the needs of the customer or the occasion, and the meaning of the wedding rings can only be said here that it is not available for three words. For specific related content, let’s take a look at the editor …

  2. In fact, the meaning of each diamond ring style is different, just like each love is unique. Each love token has different meanings. The diamond ring gives people a romantic feeling, and the style of each diamond ring is also the style of each diamond ring. There is a different meaning
    : Time flows, the original intention does not change. No matter how many changes in the vicissitudes of the sea, you are in my heart, and you are so excited as when you first see it. AlwayS Love’s original series of inheritance classics, simple and simple. With the concentrated craftsman’s spirit and craftsmanship inheritance, the beauty of beauty has glowing vitality, and the true love is long -lasting.

  3. 1. The meaning of the classic four -claw diamond ring

    1. The meaning of stable love and love is to stay with each other and never leave. They are all guarding tightly, implying that the love of the two people is unaware and embrace each other tightly.

    2. If you can’t change the world for life, then I will invented a world without harm. The four -claw ring wraps a diamond from four angles, which is not right.

    3. The four claws with life are like two people’s hands holding a home, which means that one family is one family for life. install. Second, the meaning of heart -shaped diamond ring

    1. It means that I give you the heart to many people to show my lover’s mind with a heart -shaped diamond ring, so it has a “hand over the heart to you “The meaning of virginity is also the highest love for a person.

    2. The most complete caring diamond ring is a kind of alien diamond ring closest to the circular diamond ring. Therefore, the bright and bright hall of round diamonds is also expressed on the heart -shaped diamond. However, the cutting process of the heart -shaped diamond ring is more complicated than the circular diamond. It requires the ultimate and perfect 1: 1 symmetrical ratio, and the natural arc of the heart -shaped shoulders at the top is inclined. Behind this successful heart -shaped diamond ring also imply the love that the two people are successfully fit.

    . The meaning of the Cartier LOVE series ring

    . The loyalty about love is right and the promise Cartier LOVE ring is right, and each LOVE ring has a special screwdriver knife knife It only needs to be tuned through the screw knife to turn on the bracelet, and the LOVE ring will give the screwdriver the screwdriver that will be used to open the bracelet to my lover in the future. Destiny.

    . It means that the Voya Mountain League Cartier LOVE ring series invented the highest meaning of the oaths. The LOVE ring marked by the screw is the most popular work of “Jewelry Emperor” Cartier in the world. It is the most unique love of fashionable couples that are not restricted by traditional constraints.

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