3 thoughts on “What do you say about some small gifts in English”

  1. According to British and American customs, giving gifts can not only express gratitude, but also use it as a way to contact feelings. Whether it is father -son, husband and wife, friends, couples, each other can give each other gifts to enhance feelings, and it is not stubborn in any form. Many people even make a small gift for friends or relatives. Thanks, foreigners, especially British and American people, are also used to disassembling gifts on the spot, and politely ask May I open it? Gifts will be greatly praised. The position can be divided into:
    1. Giving gifts gift
    1. This is a small present for your son. This is a small gift for your son.
    2.HERES A SMALL SOUVIR from Be simple. This is a small souvenir bought in Beijing.
    3.i have a surprise for you.
    I want to surprise you.
    4.this is for you. I hope youll like it. This is for you, I hope you will like it.
    5.happy birthday!
    Is happy birthday!
    . Receiving gifts accepts gifts
    1.thank you. I like it very much.
    Thank you. I love so much.
    2.thank you. May I open it?
    Thank you. Can I open it?
    3.oh, a watch! Is it really for me? Oh, a table! Is it really for me?
    4.this is just what I want to have. This is exactly what I want.
    5.ITS so nice of you.
    Is you.

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