What does the letter on the diamond ring mean?

I have a diamond ring, and others send it. I want to know what the code on the ring means, and how to check its authenticity and price? The code is PD950KTF, D0052CT, which kind person tells me ~ Thank you!

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  1. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello diamond jewelry which letters are usually marked? According to national standards, jewelry should print the necessary signs on the jewelry custard before leaving the factory. Weight and logo (diamonds above 0.10 carats). Diamond jewelry generally shows the weight of diamonds and the marks of merchants. Some diamond rings also have a marker that starts with D. D. D represents diamonds (the first letter of diamond English "Diamond"). For example, we are common in D031, which means 31 points (0.31CT) diamonds. The more complicated ones such as D121 D0068, which refers to the main stone 1.21 carat, auxiliary stone 6.8 points (0.0068 carats), and most of the manufacturer's code is used. Digital or symbols are expressed. For example, "D0.50CT PT950 ILOVEZUAN" is engraved in the inner side of the ring.nYour D table is a diamond, 1.013 is the weight of the diamondnQuestion what YRSMP195 meansnAnswer, please wait a little bitnHello, letters and table manufacturers of the lettersn3 morenBleak

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