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  1. Today, with the highly developed information technology, the homogeneity of technical products seems to be an irreplaceable trend.
    The on car products, the emergence of each new technology often does not need to be too long, and it will be reflected one by one on the various models of various brands.
    Therefore, for the market competition of automotive products and the advantages and disadvantages of product technology today, it seems that it is just the foundation. If a new model wants to obtain market identity, on the basis of good product technology, the attractiveness of the brand itself and creative marketing means are particularly important.
    The creation of brand charm obviously requires time to accumulate, so for many very young new brands, if you think your products quickly get market recognition, the market difficulty is obviously very great.
    and the recent Chinese automobile market, a new brand of a new brand, in the environmental environment of the overall car market, the new car has not been listed for a long time, and it has achieved very good market performance. Decreasing, the performance of terminal sales in many areas is also very good.
    The new brand is Yibin Kaiyi Motors, and this new model is Kaiyi Motors at the end of June.
    The overall market environment is not good. A new brand of a new brand has performed well shortly after the market. Obviously it is worthy of some analysis and thinking.
    For the youth listing in Chengdu at the end of June, the listing meeting itself, the market and media evaluation are very positive and affirmed.
    I., as the first truly new model after Kaiyi Motor's westward move to Yibin, the listing of Hyunja not only means the complete process of Yibin Kaiyi Motor Production Base A brand new Kay Wing car has been officially launched.
    The listing meeting of Xuanjie not only precisely defined and analyzed the product of Xuanjie, but also some theme focus words of the listing meeting, but also made a new interpretation of the Kaiyi Motor brand.
    star girl, mermaid, post -wave. The cool and simple listing process is expressed everywhere. From the spokesperson Lin Yun to the theme song of the dazzling world, all these youthful, gorgeous, vibrant elements, and the Kaiyi brand itself have perfectly fit.
    So, from the perspective of spreading, the listing meeting of Kaiyi Xuanjie based on the theme of youth should be very successful. This seems to laid the foundation for the popularity of the Xuanjie terminal.
    , a successful listing event obviously cannot support the prosperity of a new model. As a back -in model of the Chinese automotive market A0 -class SUV, the market difficulty facing Hyunsea is undoubtedly very obvious.
    is the brand influence first. Although we admit the potential of Houlang, no matter which field, Houlang often faces more pressure. As the new force of China's independent car brand, from the brand release to Yibin in the west, the influence and market awareness of the Kaiyi brand are obviously objective.
    my's product itself, although the appearance and interior shape of the new dazzling world is really cool, and the intelligent configuration is also very rich. In the same level of models, the product competitiveness is indeed obvious. However, the demand performance of the A0 -class SUV market in the overall market of the Chinese automobile is very average. Speaking of straightforward, the market capacity of the A0 -level SUV model is limited, and it does not belong to a prosperous market.
    Then, if Kaifeang's world is hot, it is popular in product competitiveness, but the brand's influence is limited, and the market capacity is small. It is possible to use accurate marketing.
    So we quickly saw a series of Kaiyi Motors, dazzling market activities. Price promotion, semi -price snap -up, listing of sub -stations, media test driving, and so on.
    , all these practices seem to be the conventional play of new car models, market activities that combine online and offline activities. Now it seems to be very old -fashioned. For the market terminal, All kinds of communication between Kaiyi Automobile will obviously not be more likely to attract attention than new models of luxury brands and joint venture brands.
    Why do you have a long time to go public? Kay Yixuan World can usher in a very popular situation in the market terminal and gain very good orders? Even though the product itself is indeed attractive, the final transaction still needs a lot of support for support. So, as a new brand of a new brand, how can Kaiyang Hyun Jie get a expensive and effective collection of customers in just a short period of time?
    Is to see a poster in Kaiyi's dazzling world, or we can find the answer from it.
    The test drive, test drive and get 50 yuan cash red envelope.
    The test drive is not new for car communication. But the test drive immediately sent red envelopes, which seems to be rare. And a brand organized a large -scale unified test -driven red envelope event throughout the country. As a person in the automotive industry, I seem to have no impression.
    although many brands have prepared test drive gifts for consumers, many times the value may be more than 50 yuan, but from the perspective of psychology, the equivalent gifts and cash are put together, obviously cash will be cash. More attractive. This is why WeChat grabbing red envelopes, although many red envelopes are only a few points, people are very happy to grab. Compared with gifts, the stimulus of cash is more obvious and effective in visual and perception.
    then the cash red envelope will be given by test drive, which will indeed attract attention, but this method can really accurately collect customers and really promote the transaction?
    The sales consultant of a Kaiyi car answered my doubts about this question.
    This said that in theory of pregnant women, only customers who need to buy a car will pay attention to the polite promotional information of the test drive. Then, the propagation of the test drive to the red envelope is actually a precise combing of the process of collecting the customer. It will not have the aunt group we worried about the red envelope.
    The second one. Although the test drive is a very important link during the vehicle sales process, for customers, many people are not willing to participate in the test drive when they do not make a decision to buy. In other words, if you can give customers more test drive experience, in fact, it is to give the final transaction a bit more.
    Compared with test drive small gifts and cash red envelopes, a cash red envelope of 50 yuan is obviously more attractive.
    It the test drive to send cash red envelopes, obviously also expresses the brand's self -confidence in the product. When the customer is easily obtained by the test drive, the self -confidence and confidence of this brand will undoubtedly enhance the confidence of the customer!
    . Our products themselves are good, the preferential amplitude is also large, there are more customers who test drive, there are more understanding of our products, and we have more opportunities to communicate with customers. In this way, terminal sales naturally come up.
    The sales consultants make people feel like they realize. It turns out that the adjustment of a small detail of the market terminal brings a different market result.
    of course, Xuanjie can quickly get end recognition after listing. The product itself is good. It should be the foundation and premise. This should also be the confidence of Kaifei's test drive and sending cash red envelopes.
    50 yuan test drive of the red envelope, you can detonate a market that is not a mainstream market. As a new product of Chery Group, as the Kaiyi Hyunja Realm of Houlang, this wave of operation is really incredible!
    What do you think of this matter, welcome to discuss.
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