1 thought on “What gifts are good for a friend's restaurant?”

  1. The opening of a friend's restaurant can send gifts such as wealth cats, Fortune Tree, Flower Basketball, He Lian, He plaque, fish tank, red wine and other gifts. Capital cats are usually made of ceramics. Generally, wealth cats raised their left hand to express their blessings, and their right hand implied fortunes. Raise two hands at the same time, representing "Cai" and "Fu". In addition, the golden bell hanging on the chest of Caicai Cat also has the meaning of opening, fortune, blessing, and origin.

    What gifts are good for the opening of a friend's restaurant

    When wealth tree has an elegant tree posture, vigorous trunk, wheel -shaped emerald leaves, etc. It also has the meaning of auspiciousness and fortune, so it is suitable for gifts for hotel opening.

    The opening of the new store is a friend of a friend's success, which is very memorable. Red wine has a good meaning of red and red fire, auspicious Ruyi, so a bottle of exclusive customized high -end red wine is a creative gift.

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