What gifts are good for girlfriends?

The friendship between us two has been almost 10 years old. She is almost 19 birthdays. We are not in the same place in the 18th birthday. This year, make up! She is a junior high school this year. It is practical to send some practical, do not plush toys, necklace ring or something, not practical!

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  1. 1. Beautiful mobile phone case
    Me's unforgettable birthday gift to send girlfriends, you have to say this phone case. Girls always like to look at their makeup in the mirror if they go out. This phone case can make your girlfriend make makeup at any time, and it is more cool to bring out.
    2, cartoon U disk
    u disk should be often used in your girlfriend's life and study, so it is definitely not wrong to send her a USB flash drive. The appearance design of this U disk It is also more distinctive, and it will definitely surprise your girlfriend, which is also a more practical gift for her.
    3, hot water bottle
    This pink color system of this hot water bag will make your girlfriend happy, let her find her cute girl's heart, at the same time the hot water bottle is made of environmentally friendly silicone material, you Girlfriends will be more safe to use.
    4, cloud electronic alarm clock
    This cloud alarm clock is also very practical. The design is also relatively novel. At the same time , Can save her great time to save her the next morning.
    5, thermal insulation big cup
    The appearance of this thermal insulation cup is the design of the candy color system, which will also make your girlfriend very much like it. At the same time It is that you make your girlfriends drink water.

  2. 1. The jar of the storage sun

    The girlfriends are the deepening of friendship, a positive energy jar symbolizing friendship, stored the sun during the day, and the warm light is released at night. Such a warm and magical jar is given to the girlfriend's most Heart -warming small gift.

    2, DIY woodcase drawing
    It some girlfriends like handmade gifts. , Can be kept permanently, give the most intentional gifts to the other party, so that time will always record her most beautiful youth.

    3, four -leaf grass crystal bracelet
    four -leaf grass not only symbolizes luck, but also a manifestation of friendship between girlfriends, a beautiful bracelet, moderate price, given to birthday and festivals to it to the birthday and holiday Girlfriends will definitely make her love.

    4, snack gift package
    The girls in the world in the world, maybe your girlfriend is the one, the imported version of the literary snack gift box, except for various drooling snacks, The gift box is also ingenious, making people feel beautiful.

    5, European retro feather dipped pens suite
    If your girlfriend is full of literary arts and unique taste, you can choose this feather pen suit. Maybe you can make her shine at

    6, girl mobile phone charging treasure
    If want to give girlfriends a practical small gift to recommend these super cute and multi -purpose charging treasures. There is also a cute cute pet in the shape of the space compartment. It is very convenient to carry with you, and there is a large capacity of 10,000 mAh, which supplements the phone at any time. Do you think it is a makeup mirror? It turns out that it is still a charging treasure, which can not only provide power for mobile phones, but also have LED lights, which is more convenient to make up.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer 1. If she is a kind of pragmatic person, then gifts such as clothes, shoes, bags and other gifts. 2. If she is more fashionable and cares about her image, then skin care products, sunscreen, lipsticks, perfumes, and bracelets, pendants and other accessories. 3. If she is a naive person, send cute gifts such as dolls, dolls. 4. If she is a relatively romantic person, then send Thailand's flowers, cartoon bouquets, crystal music boxes, and flowers to bless her love. Girlfriends and girlfriends, in fact, you are happy with you. My proposal is as follows: 1. Red wine, champagne. Second, necklaces, bracelets, earrings. Third, watches, bags. Fourth, skirts, shoes.nIt's winter, you can send scarves, hats, hand creams, warm hands, insulation cups, etc., mainly you sent, your girlfriends will like it, hahaha.

  4. 1. Headphones
    The headphone sound quality of some mobile phones is not very good, and the sound insulation effect is relatively poor. You can choose a headset with a better sound insulation effect to give her It is not disturbed by external voices and improves work or learning efficiency.

    2. Perfume
    This is the most memoryable, and how can girls resist the temptation of perfume? According to her personality, it is impossible to choose a fresh, crowd, and a perfume suitable for her. And she will think of you in the future, and she will think of you and make this friendship closer. Here is a perfume list for you: What perfume is good for girls

    3. Exquisite jewelry box
    What is the primary condition for girls to pick gifts? Exquisite. When I saw this jewelry box at first glance, I was deeply fascinated by its face value. This is too beautiful! Intersection Intersection The workmanship is exquisite, the shape is small, and it is most suitable for putting some daily wear jewelry. Whether it is practical or on the face value, I unilaterally announced that it won

    4. Pajamas
    Pajiries are universal. Gift. Because pajamas are not like clothes wearing outside, the number style is relatively loose. You can choose pajamas size according to her body shape. Moreover, pajamas are worn closely, letting her miss you when she sleeps, and she can also choose a girlfriend pajama. I have the opportunity to wear a pajamas to take a selfie together in the future.

    5. Essential oil aroma
    Essential oil aroma is definitely a single product that must be enhanced by petty bourgeoisie girls. After that, the whole room was filled with warm aroma, which was very suitable for girlfriends as gifts.

    6. Lipstick
    is the most basic makeup item, and it is also necessary for many girls to get started. And girls know lipstick very much. When choosing the color number, they will not step on the lipstick color of "straight men's favorite". Sending her a skin tone suitable for her, it is a popular color number, which is very suitable.

    7. Alcohol
    is a common practice to send alcohol, but too much drinking is harmful to health. Seeing people picking wine, if you are a sister who loves to drink every day, you can choose some good wines with good appearance and good taste; if you are for sisters who can drink daily, but you can choose some low degree and high face value, high face value Fruit wine. But do not drink and minors every day. Do not send alcohol.

  5. If you send it to your friend's work, choose a big bouquet. The flowers do not have to be particularly expensive. It can be the most common red rose, but it must be a big bunch.
    If of the friend's personality, I don't want to be too public in front of colleagues, so I will send her a bunch of small and beautiful flowers in private. Find a local private flower gift studio, negotiate the variety of flowers, the packaging style of the bouquet ... customize a bouquet that only belongs to her. It is best to book in advance. There are fewer people in the private flower ceremony, and it may not be shipped on the same day.
    It long want to save, you can send dry flowers or eternal flower box. Whether it's flowers or dried flowers, there are very few girls who don't like flowers. Even if you only get one, it's a good heart.

    Stime plant
    The small pots of small plants for friends, placed in the desk or room, often have vitality in the eyes. Looking at the small plants slowly growing up, it is still a very successful thing. Green, mint, bamboo, white/red palm ... good -looking and easy to raise. If the girl is usually busy, she can choose the hydroponic plant of the glass bottle. Buying a pot of small plants for girlfriends can also buy a pot for yourself. Everyone is better than whose plant?

    The perfume set
    This to send perfumes, sending a bottle can not be discussed. Try to send her a perfume box, and the row of perfumes appear in front of the girl's eyes, there may be unexpected exaggerated effects. If your girlfriend usually does not need perfume, it can be replaced with home aromatherapy tablets; if you are afraid that the perfume is not good, you can replace it with solid balm. In short, it is necessary to appear in a set and win with the number.

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