5 thoughts on “What jewelry is the most valuable?”

  1. I personally think it is better to start with the demand and market demand for what jewelry is the most valuable. For example, when buying diamonds, high-quality large carat diamonds are definitely less and less. However, it is almost necessary to buy diamonds for marriage. Diamonds are expensive and no one can stock them in large quantities. The vast majority of global diamond resources are in the hands of De Beers, so they can grow steadily.

  2. I have the right to speak about this because I am in the jewelry business. Many people know that gold investment can resist risks. It is difficult to tell whether jade is genuine or fake. Besides, there are many inferior jade articles. Unless you know some professional knowledge, what you buy with 1W may be a handicraft. Besides, many people think that pearls are the least worth buying. However, women in western countries, no matter little girls or the queen of England, have a special love for pearls, Why? Pearl is a thing endowed with life by nature. It also plays a vital role in women’s health. You can baidu yourself!

  3. In the long run, gold is the most valuable. The more wars and economic crises, the higher the value of gold. Other jewelry, jade and jadeite, natural and high-grade, have a certain value preservation effect.

  4. Jadeite is deeply loved by Chinese people. The beauty of jadeite has always been unspeakable. It is an ancient Oriental women’s jade bracelet. Many people want to buy an emerald bracelet to wear. Jade and diamond ornaments are becoming more and more fashionable and popular. Moreover, gem grade jadeite is produced in Myanmar, and high-quality jadeite has always been a hot commodity in the market.

  5. The price of jewelry is rising rapidly now, especially for stationery and colored gems. Whenever there is a market for jewelry, the price is soaring. In terms of the types of gems, what is the most valuable investment? Diamonds, including colored diamonds, are very valuable gems and jewels. Besides diamonds, ruby, sapphire, emerald and cat’s eye are still popular investments. Other semi precious gems should follow the principle of “beauty is rare for a long time”. Palaiba, spinel and other gems that meet the high-quality requirements of colored gems can be invested. Must be high quality! These are natural gems. ‍‍

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