3 thoughts on “What are the benefits of women with gold jewelry”

  1. Gold and silver are all rare alloy metals. They have a relatively stable chemical properties, are not easy to deteriorate, can maintain their external shape for a long time, are not easy to deform, have good ornamental value. At the same time Infection and lesions, so people have been using them to make jewelry and directly wear them on their bodies. Legend of wearing gold and silver jewelry can avoid evil and sedative effects.
    Is the direct disadvantage of wearing gold and silver jewelry, and I have not heard of it. There are many indirect distension. As Nan Qingfeng said, "may encounter robbery", in addition to this: 1. Wearing expensive gold and silver jewelry may cause uneven family income distribution, cause too much economic burden, life constraints, and family contradictions; 2. Due to the high price of gold and silver jewelry, once it is lost, it will cause psychological imbalance and overwhelming; 3. It is the ruthlessness of the golden skills that people say, and it will hurt the children of the world.

  2. Female wearing gold jewelry looks graceful and luxurious, and generally it is good for supporting face. Especially the young girl brings a little, it looks dignified and beautiful. Can't help but say bad. If you bring too much, it is a bit vulgar. Generally speaking, it is the tyrants of the rural aunt.

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