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  1. 1. Fortune Volume Treasure: Fortune Tree and Volume Treasury are one of the best gifts for giving gifts. Fortune trees and corn!

    2, jade cabbage ornaments: cabbage homophonic "hundred wealth", immediately get rich jade cabbage ornaments, and there is a meaning of getting rich immediately. For friends who just opened You give such a gift, it is undoubtedly more likely to make friends, of course, you can also express your blessings.
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    3, eight horses to recruit wealth decorations: Horse in China has always been a very auspicious animal, symbolizing the beautiful wishes of the future business, sending friends such an eight steed horses Fortune decorations not only have the meaning of blessing friends business, but also a high -end shop decoration.

    4, recruiting wealth: 貅 Since ancient times, it has been a Swiss beast that recruits wealth and evil. In addition to making money, it is more to make money. At the same time, I hope that it will be smooth and peaceful, and it is better to give this gift.
    5, flower basket
    Since the new store is opened, there must be a booming atmosphere. At this time, sending a flower basket is a good choice. The flower basket can decorate the store, add the atmosphere, and gather popularity. And some people say that the more flower baskets received, the more fiery the business is. As a friend, he wants to add a joy to him.
    6. Fortune cats
    Since it is a restaurant to make money, send a friend to a fortune cat's decoration, which means that the wealth can come.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer the flower basket is the most common opening gift, because it is flowers, it can only be opened for a few days, and it will look at it. The opening allows the seller to write the words according to their own requirements.nBarley "means selling, hahaha, a homophonic stalk, this meaning is also good, and you can always place the shop or company as decorationnThe wealth cat can be placed at home, which is suitable for placing in shops or companies. It has a good wishes to recruit wealth and Jinbao.nA smooth sailing, also used as the master of the host, Anji, also metaphorically smooth the situation. Whether it is giving away or placing at home, it has a good meaning. The exquisite carving skills make it vivid, and it is also a noble gift for generous and decent.nMore 2nBleak

  3. What is the opening of the opening, what gift to give in the beauty shop, what the hotel is opened

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